So, maybe it’s time for something fun, a bit of let’s pretend.

How about you and I (though it’s likely to be just me talking to myself) pretend that we’ve been given access to all the futuristic (yet still believable) technology necessary to build a working starship.

What’s it going to look like?

This little bit of make-believe does have a use: the idea is to see what we still need for a star trek -style future to come about. The truth is that we’ve been a space-faring race for a while now, it’s just that for one reason or another, we’ve not quite got up the head of steam on the technology necessary to truly conquer the high frontier.

However, the number of true roadblocks remaining before we can all be going off on jaunts to the moon are surprisingly few. I’d like to play with both real technology, and my fanciful ideas for future technology, when we’ve gone up a few notches on the Kardashev scale…


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