I’m going to come clean – I did have a bit of a cheat week last week. I did run the 30 minutes Wednesday, but my legs were giving me a bit of gyp the previous week, and thanks to some awful weather took things a bit easier than I intended.

My ankle and calf were hurting a bit, and due to going places I ran neither Friday nor Saturday/Sunday last weekend, nor Monday.

Today, however, was my second 30 minute run and I ran faster and further than last time. It does get easier, and despite the break I’m still in shape and getting moreso.

Today’s run left me feeling good in a way that previous runs haven’t always. I’m still exhausted and sweaty as a pig in heat, but I feel good.

Now excuse me, but I’m going to find out why there are fireflies in my room and why it’s all going dar–


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  1. Gail says:

    The perceived exertion does get easier!

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