I’m here to talk to you about why the Left has failed so spectacularly this year.

No, no, don’t turn away because you think I’m going to tell you how wonderful it is to be a Nazi, because it’s not and I’m not.

I’m actually going to tell you why identity politics in general has failed at every turn, and why this has lead to the utter rout that the Left has faced not only most lately in America with Trump being elected, but all across Europe (especially in Germany) and most notedly in Britain with the so-called Brexit.

There are many pieces here, and I will be using words that make you uncomfortable. You will want to turn away because you have been told that only one type of person uses words like these — racists, and bigots.

However, I am asking you to believe more of yourself than that, to believe that you are capable of rational thought, and that — should I actually be a racist and/or bigot — you would not only know but be capable of poking great stonking holes through my points rather than pointing and screaming. You owe it to yourself.

To begin: the Left today is full of Cultural Marxists, who fervently believe in equality of outcome over equality of opportunity.

You may have heard the term ‘Cultural Marxism’ before. You may have scoffed. I did. Being young and stupid — and a bit of a lefty — I used to be of the general idea that Communism was a great idea… if people could all somehow just come together and act for the common good.

It wasn’t that I thought Communism was actually a good idea, because I didn’t (I’m still a bit of a lefty, but nowhere near that much of a lefty, I never was and never will be), but that everybody should logically want a society that works together, that functions, that protects and nurtures so that everybody can be the best they can be.

Yes, yes. I know. I did say I was young and stupid. I didn’t quite realize how much of a bunch of utter shite-bastards most people were.

Anyway, I eventually reasoned that a liberal socialist democracy (yes, yes, I know) is the best general setup, and have spent many years congratulating myself on being right as America has turned from a powerhouse of Western idealism into a cesspit of subprime mortgage fuckery and third world poverty, dragging the rest of the civilized world down with it.

Yes, people of America, I think that having entire families camped out in cars under bridges is a sin, and that nobody should go bankrupt for breaking their leg. Not only that, but it doesn’t happen anywhere else in the West so shouldn’t have to happen to you, either. I digress:

For the past few years, however, I have heard rumblings about odd things that I never knew existed, and still haven’t actually seen in the wild (except as hearsay from screaming sandy vaginas with puke-inducing hair dye and bad bodily hygiene). Things like trigger warnings and microaggressions.

And then I heard how — simply put — equality of outcome was being championed over equality of opportunity.

Men were being told that, because they had a penis and not a vagina, that they should actually be paid less to make things more equal. That, because things just are so unfair, that white men — straight white men especially — should find themselves at the bottom of the heap in the Oppression Olympics because they have it so easy.

Apparently, and I never knew this, I lived in a White Nationalist Patriarchy, which meant that white people can never be oppressed, can never be poor, can never be disadvantaged. And that anyone Not Male, not to mention anyone Not White can never be advantaged, can never not be poor, can never not be oppressed.

This, dear readers, is the heart of Cultural Marxism.

Marxism splits society into two distinct — and unalterably separate — groups; the oppressors and the oppressed. The proletariat and the bourgeois.

This isn’t a figure of speech, either, this is right there in the manifesto as an inalienable fact of life for those who would call themselves Marxists.

Right after the “there has never actually been a Marxist state” line that every bloody twat vomits out, comes “oppressor and oppressed are two separate classes”.

Cultural Marxism, then, is splitting culture into two — the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’. In this (and in every) case, that means “straight white men” and “everyone else”.

I know you flinch every time I mention the word ‘white’, and it’s because you’ve been taught that ‘white’ is an evil word. Well it’s not. White is a colour too. White people can be poor, white people can be homeless. White people — yes, even men, with their evil penises — can be discriminated against. And personally, that adding of ‘white’ isn’t something I’d do, that ‘white’ is added by the fools who engage in what’s called ‘identity politics’, and it turns otherwise sane, thinking people into fucking morons.

After all, 3 out of 4 homeless people are men. Statistically speaking, most of those homeless men are going to be white, at least in The West. Try telling a homeless beggar that he’s a member of the ruling patriarchal class with a straight face. Or go ahead, explain to yourself right now why a ‘patriarchal, white supremacist system’ would allow any man (let alone a white man) to be homeless on the streets?

See, if you say that a system is patriarchal, you are saying that systemically (if not systematically), men always have the advantage. All the time. In every situation.

If we were living in a patriarchy, there would be no homeless men.

Similarly, if we were living in a white supremacist system, then not only would there be no poor white people, but there would be no rich black people. Nor, indeed, rich ‘people of any colour other than white’.

I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist — because it does, obviously — but that if somebody is telling you that the West is headed by a secret cabal of male white supremacists who keep a white patriarchal system in power designed to keep everybody else down… then you need to ask a simple question: why are there poor white people, specifically poor, white men?

This is the core of identity politics, this is why it failed: The Left alienated more and more normal people in its quest for purity of thought and conduct. More and more white men — powerhouses of industry, mainstay of jobs, heads of families, you know, normal fucking people that make up the majority of households in Europe whether you like that fact or not — found themselves being told that they can’t sit how they like, can’t talk how they like, can’t dress how they like, can’t act how they like.

Male children are being left behind by the school system (they are disadvantaged by schools which focus on girls literally from when they start at age 5), white people are being told they are racist by nature… what do you think this is doing to white people in general, and boys in particular? What sort of damage do you think is being done by ignoring half the people in a population in one case, and deliberately telling 70-80% of the population in the other that they are intrinsically evil?

When the Left in Europe embarked on a policy of social homogenization at the expense of everything else, when it started saying things like innocent until proven guilty is an outmoded concept, what did they think was going to happen?

They decided that a policy of ignoring systematic atrocities (as well as sytemic integration issues that leave many ignorant muslims believing that 75% of Britain is islamic) was something they wanted to do because everybody deserved to have the same standard of living.

Note that there’s a difference there — not the same opportunities to improve themselves, but the same standards, full stop.

If you go picking apples, and you pick 15 apples in 8 hours, and some other random fuckup picks 5 in 2 hours, well… if the government says “you’re only allowed 3 apples”, so takes 12 from you and 2 from Johnny Fuckup, well, then the next day you bloody well aren’t going to bother picking 15 again, are you?

If you homogenize everything, if you turn everybody into a comrade, everybody into a faceless, meaningless cog that is ground down by the machine of The State, then you fail.

The Left across Europe — and in America — has done exactly that. And this is why they failed.

Next time: Authoritarianism vs Libertarianism (and why I’m not a Libertarian, either)


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