Ah, fake news. It’s such a weasel word.


The headline above, preposterous as it is, graced the pages of the Sunday Sport a few years ago. The Sunday Sport, if you didn’t know, is a tabloid of the rankest variety from good old Blighty.

Strangely, despite its claims of alien hotdog-shaped craft that smell like onions, and lizard people infiltrating the British Royal Family, nobody has ever wanted to shut it down for such ludicrous claims.

But now, I keep hearing how ‘fake news sites’ are the bane of our civilisation… the funny things is, I can’t really work out what that’s supposed to mean.

See, if fake news means “things that didn’t happen”, then where were the baying hounds back when we were loudly informed — both in the UK and in America — that 9/11 was perpetrated by Saddam Hussein? I mean obviously he had chemical weapons because he bought them off the Americans in the first place, but according to the report that was only just fully released, the ‘evidence’ of WMD’s that caused the entire war and subsequent quagmire in Iraq was never shown to the public was substantial at best and made up out of whole cloth at worst.

So then, if it’s actually “things that are reported wrongly” — whatever that means — then why aren’t people calling out the current Obama administration, the Democrats in particular and the Left in general for their ceaseless reporting of how it’s all the fault of them damn Ruskies that Orange Hitler got elected? Or even, shockingly enough, that Brexit is the fault of the Russians? Why aren’t more people making a stink about how, just like almost a decade and a half ago, the intelligence community and ‘the powers that be’ are lying through their teeth to spin a false narrative to the public? This time about how Russia has supposedly hacked American politics… by showing people the truth.

Not only is this narrative that Russia hacked America unproven — and therefore almost definitely bullshit — but it’s detracting from the point that Russia, if it was them, have only showed the American people the truth about Hillary, the DNC and the authoritarian regressive left.

To me, ‘fake news’ is the bullshit smokescreen damage control that authoritarian regimes go into when their lies, their fixing of elections and the fact they’ve been bought and paid for by foreign dictators like Saudi Arabia.

It’s really hard to believe there’s a problem with “fake news” when the “real news” sites are reporting abject lies like how a muslim student was assaulted by Trump Supporters… except oops, she wasn’t, she just got caught sneaking out past her curfew.

I just don’t get it, because to me, fake news or not, the very first thing that a dangerous, authoritarian regime does when it feels unearned, ill-gotten power slipping from its heinous grasp is to crack down on and try to control the media.

Whatever you think of Orange Hitler — and quite frankly he’s going to be the worst president in the history of the USA — the reason he was elected was because the people, enough of them at least, would rather a hated, ignorant bastard that is at least honest in his bastardry, versus a sneaking, conniving, lying, democracy-perverting bitch.


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