Feminism is one of those things that sounds like a good idea, but (currently at least) fails. Some maintain feminism stands purely for equality of the sexes — obviously I don’t agree, otherwise it would be called egalitarianism — but even with its real meaning of empowerment of women, I can’t really say I don’t agree with that aspect of things, after all everybody should be treated equally.

The issue comes purely when, inevitably, the Marxists come along. Marxists demand not that everybody is treated equally, but that everybody is, intrinsically, equal. This means equality not of opportunity nor of industry, but of outcome. And that, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

Take Sweden, for example:

Every winter in Scandinavia brings snow. This should be no surprise to anybody living in the North of Europe. Indeed, countries this far North have, for many years, been dealing with snow as a matter of course.

In England, where a single snowflake brings chaos and destruction in its wake, it may sound bizarre that people not only regularly drive to work with several feet of snow outside, but that it — usually at least — is an everyday occurrence.

Which is what makes it all the more pathetic that feminism brought Stockholm to its knees a week or so ago.

If you aren’t in the know, then let me explain: Last year (or maybe it was the year before, this thing has been in the works for a while), the Green Party’s Daniel Helldén and co had the fantastic idea of making snowploughing ‘more gender equal’.

The plan was simple: prioritize women and children over previous years’ plan which — according to them — prioritized men. To this end, little streets would be cleared first so that residents, mothers and children would be able to get in and out of their homes. After all the residential areas were cleared out, then the large roads would be dealt with. This, of course, is inline with the mantra of third wave feminists everywhere: The penis is evil, the womb is the bringer of life, blessed be the beef curtains through which all must enter the world.

This new, improved, snowploughing plan was going to not only show everyone how feminism empowers women (and children) but it was going to be a global beacon of progressiveness and efficiency. It was designed to benefit women over men — hold onto that fact, you’ll need it later.

And then it snowed.

And Stockholm — with its main streets and main roads unploughed, covered under a moderate (not an inordinate amount, just more than usual for November, nowhere near actual record levels) amount of snow — ground to a halt.

Tens of thousands were injured due to snow and ice, perhaps millions of euros of damages were caused from collisions due to snow and ice and maybe billions of euros of work hours were lost because the life-blood arteries of the city were intraversible. For days. Public transport failed and an otherwise vibrant city fell into chaos.

Remember when I said that the ‘new’ way of ploughing snow was designed to benefit women? Well, there’s your problem with feminism, third wave feminism in particular.

Normally, snowploughs were sent out to clear the streets of snow. Absolutely nobody said “I know, let’s make sure men can get to work first”. But the progressives in the left (and let’s face it, Marxist) Green party absolutely said “I know, let’s make sure women get dealt with first”.

When the old ways of ploughing snow were developed, they were developed to keep the streets and roads free of snow. The ‘new’ ways were developed to benefit women. One plan actually gets snow off the streets, the other… doesn’t.

See the difference?

Feminists make everything about gender. They will actively bring gender into a discussion where it doesn’t belong, where it never was, and they will do stupid things in pursuit of that imagined gender inequality, like cause mayhem and chaos for days for millions and millions of people.

It’s not just feminism, of course, it is every dogma that seeks equality of outcome over equality of opportunity. It is every dogma that does things not because it is the most efficient, but to serve some other imagined subsection of the population or some other niche group.


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