Movie Night: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

Guardians-of-the-Galaxy-Vol-2-wallpaperYou want the TL;DR?

If you loved the first one, you’ll love this one.

If that’s what you came for, then I suggest (if you haven’t seen it, or if you want to watch it again like I do) that you pop off and buy however many tickets you need because it’s a fantastic movie.

If you want a little more depth, read on.

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So, Sweden is okay with pedophilia, as long as you’re Muslim

This is not okay, people. I know some of you may think that’s a clickbait headline, some are probably picoseconds away from clicking on that big red X in the corner, but before you do, you owe it yourself to just glance at this newspaper title.


You think I’m kidding?

Well, here’s the start of the choo-choo train of horror: Child marriage creates chaos

It culminated the other day in a Swedish judge saying that the pregnant 14-year-old child is “precocious” and “mature for her age” and that “because she comes from a different culture, we should respect that”.

I’ll link to a non-swedish source this time. I know absolutely nothing about the character of the news outlet speisa, but I have done my best to verify that this incident happened.


I’m not linking a picture because the only picture is of some random-ass lonely girl staring wistfully out a window which has nothing to do with the incident in question. Just imagine that if you want.

People, we cannot import the normalization of pedophilia. We absolutely cannot import customs and behaviours which are antithetical to our entire way of life.


So What Is ‘Fake News’?

Ah, fake news. It’s such a weasel word.


The headline above, preposterous as it is, graced the pages of the Sunday Sport a few years ago. The Sunday Sport, if you didn’t know, is a tabloid of the rankest variety from good old Blighty.

Strangely, despite its claims of alien hotdog-shaped craft that smell like onions, and lizard people infiltrating the British Royal Family, nobody has ever wanted to shut it down for such ludicrous claims.

But now, I keep hearing how ‘fake news sites’ are the bane of our civilisation… the funny things is, I can’t really work out what that’s supposed to mean.

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Marxist Feminism’s Failure, A Dangerous Dogma

Feminism is one of those things that sounds like a good idea, but (currently at least) fails. Some maintain feminism stands purely for equality of the sexes — obviously I don’t agree, otherwise it would be called egalitarianism — but even with its real meaning of empowerment of women, I can’t really say I don’t agree with that aspect of things, after all everybody should be treated equally.

The issue comes purely when, inevitably, the Marxists come along. Marxists demand not that everybody is treated equally, but that everybody is, intrinsically, equal. This means equality not of opportunity nor of industry, but of outcome. And that, my friends, is a recipe for disaster.

Take Sweden, for example:

Every winter in Scandinavia brings snow. This should be no surprise to anybody living in the North of Europe. Indeed, countries this far North have, for many years, been dealing with snow as a matter of course.

In England, where a single snowflake brings chaos and destruction in its wake, it may sound bizarre that people not only regularly drive to work with several feet of snow outside, but that it — usually at least — is an everyday occurrence.

Which is what makes it all the more pathetic that feminism brought Stockholm to its knees a week or so ago.

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Cultural Marxism and Why the Left has Failed, pt 1 of I-Don’t-Know

I’m here to talk to you about why the Left has failed so spectacularly this year.

No, no, don’t turn away because you think I’m going to tell you how wonderful it is to be a Nazi, because it’s not and I’m not.

I’m actually going to tell you why identity politics in general has failed at every turn, and why this has lead to the utter rout that the Left has faced not only most lately in America with Trump being elected, but all across Europe (especially in Germany) and most notedly in Britain with the so-called Brexit.

There are many pieces here, and I will be using words that make you uncomfortable. You will want to turn away because you have been told that only one type of person uses words like these — racists, and bigots.

However, I am asking you to believe more of yourself than that, to believe that you are capable of rational thought, and that — should I actually be a racist and/or bigot — you would not only know but be capable of poking great stonking holes through my points rather than pointing and screaming. You owe it to yourself.

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Just in case you thought I was crazy: botnets WILL eat your cameras

I should write a book. “It’ll never happen, and fifty other blatant lies told to idiots”.

Many of you will, these days, be using technology that you wouldn’t have believed could have existed a few years ago. From a flat computer that you twiddle with your fingers to a black, smooth-edged communications device that carries the internet wherever you go, to… little cameras that film everything in HD and let you watch over your homes from anywhere on the planet.

Well, all those things were made by the lowest bidder. And often, that lowest bidder has coders that don’t know how underpants work and definitely have trouble tying their shoes…and probably wiping their backsides.

I’m talking about one of those godawful buzzwords that eventually become meaningless long before the technology becomes just another of those things that used to be impossible but are now commonplace, IoT cameras.

IoT is “Internet of Things” — computers that connect to the internet that are small enough to wear (and often are, I’m looking at you, GoPro) — and IoT basically means that millions (if not billions) of devices will be hooked up to the internet in the next few years, from fridges to jackets to… security cameras.

And with new devices on the internet, comes new ways for bad guys to fuck you over.

Times were it would take a sweaty nerd days in a darkened room to crack into computers half a world away through analogue exchanges. These days, script kiddies can email out viruses to idiots who click on links and have hundreds of thousands of computers listening to their every command, making bank off Russian mobsters as they run interference for wire scams. Automated bots can send out metric assloads of infiltration attempts whilst the people behind it all sip lattes in some overpriced internet cafe.

The result is that you can hook up a brand spanking new IP camera to the internet, and have it compromised in under two minutes, and trying itself to crack into anything and everything else seconds later.

Oh, and don’t think you can fix that by setting it up on your own network first, these cameras (and everything else) often have hardcoded credentials. And open telnet ports. And they absolutely cannot be changed.

Firewall your gear, people, everything. Firewall all vectors you can’t control off from everything else whilst you’re at it, because until this technology matures (and if the indian offshore rental brigade has anything to do with it, it never will) you and everything you own is at risk of not only being a digital Typhoid Mary, but being the reason you got burgled when you weren’t home.

Remember when we used to tell people we weren’t home by turning on our answering machines? Yeah, that didn’t end well. So why are you letting them ogle what stuff you own as well, now?

The War on ‘Fake News’ is the Real News

At the beginning of this year, 2016, the official news sources of the country of Germany reported that New Years was ‘mostly quiet and peaceful’. For days afterwards, the official line — reported ad nauseum in ‘official’ news sources — were that everything was fine.

This was patently not true, since more than 1200 women suffered at the hands of roving muslim rape gangs.

Thousands of people — plenty of Africans, all of them muslims, all of them ‘migrants’, these are the facts, sorry regressives — were participating in a muslim passtime called taharrush gamea where women are surrounded by men and then gang raped.

These facts, these hideous facts, only came out after an online uproar at the deafening silence from all official and local sources how females any age from 7 to 70 were being sexually assaulted en masse. Finally, of course, the story broke because millions of people were reading about it online, and the otherwise fractious ‘old media’ decided that their reputation was worth more than their ideology.

And now the powers that be want to  ‘get rid of fake news’.

The onslaught against free speech has only stepped up in the last couple of years with Twitters Tone Police Stazi that are  threatening to ban the president of the United States if he ‘violates their code of conduct’. Pay no attention to how their code of conduct varies depending on language used, how replacing the word ‘white’ with ‘black’ in otherwise the exact same tweet is not treated the same, of course…

The old media is quaking in its boots about the rise of the internet, where anyone and everyone can have their own voice, where the spin that all publications inevitably put on their pieces is countered by the spin (or sometimes anti-spin) that is put on pieces by millions of prospective investigative journalists (and hackjobs like me). And governments hate it, because their carefully crafted narratives (like in Germany, where nothing happened at all during New Years 2016) fall apart like so much confetti when faced with honest reporting by ordinary people on the ground who are suffering under the yoke of regressive tyranny.

And governments are pushing back.

Do not let them. They will take away the truth, and hide how thousands of people are mass raped in public because it does not agree with their narrative. They will continue to grind you down with platitudes until you are so under their heel that you welcome them crushing your spirit.

Let the Government Take You by the Backdoor

A few years ago (2007, actually, though it was discussed as far back as 2000), the government was given the power to not only demand the encryption keys to anything you may want to keep secret in the UK, but to utterly gag you from telling anybody that such a demand had been made.

To re-iterate: The UK government can absolutely send you to jail for refusing to decrypt your personal files, or for even telling anybody that they have demanded that you decrypt your personal files.

Your only response — other than to cave in to the jackbooted stazi — is to either do as they say, or to no longer be aware of your encryption keys.

Well, since “I’m sorry, officer, but I lost that decryption key” means that the only thing they can do — other than bamboo under your fingernails, chinese water torture, american waterboarding or a swift kicking with the cameras turned off — is to throw you in jail for obstruction of ‘justice’, the powers that be decided to up the ante.

They have just passed into law efforts to crowbar encryption backdoors into everybody’s privacy technologies.

Now of course, this would only ever be used as a last resort, obviously. It’s not like they’d ever willfully abuse such over-reaching power, and it’s not like it could ever be taken advantage of by, say, state cyberwarfare practitioners in some foreign hellhole that thinks all this malarkey about freedom of speech and expression shouldn’t count when, I don’t know, there’s somebody they want poisoned to stop said person telling everyone what an evil bunch of bastards you were. Surely not.

Oh no, there’s obviously no way these disastrous ideas could ever lead to the security that keeps our money and missives safe from being utterly destroyed by these stupid, brain-dead backdoors being taken advantage of because once you put in a backdoor it actually exists and absolutely does weaken the security of a system. Of course not.

People, if you want your privacy to remain private, then learn how to protect yourself.

Encrypt your backups, insist on SSL connections to everything. Get a VPN, use it for everything you can. Protect yourself from your government because they will not protect you from their machinations themselves.

I hate to say it, it sounds incredibly bombastic, but the government is the enemy of free speech, the enemy of freedom, the enemy of security and the enemy of ordinary people. This is a terrible law which absolutely will have dire consequences the world over. It is your duty to stand against it, to throw any spanner into the works that you can.

British MP’s to Public: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Remember when British MP’s passed ‘The Snooper’s Charter‘? You know, that wildly invasive bill that allows the world and his dog (or at least a vast number of organizations and groups inside Britain the power to give everybody’s browsing habits the once-over for up to a year after the fact? And not only browsing habits, but all top-level connections to all internet services?

Yeah, that’s right, the result was that one wrong stop will (not might) mean that a leak hands massive amount of otherwise private information out to anybody who either penetrates the system or (more likely) buys a hard drive off ebay that used to sit inside a government laptop (that may or may not have gotten lost behind a filing cabinet).

Well, because we all know that our governing body is just and fair, they’ve decided that they too will happily give up their privacy the same way they are violating the privacy of their constituents.

…Oh, wait, sorry, I’ve just been told that I’ve got that absolutely wrong. The government has, infact, exempted itself from those painfully invasive snooping powers.

If you needed any more proof that this law as written is unjust, unfair, invasive and one ebay sale away from mass exposure of the private browsing habits and personal information of millions of law-abiding citizens in some Scorched Earth, Nuke-It-From-Orbit, bad idea boondoggle, this should be it.

I mean sure, in principal, the only extra protection after needing a warrant signed by the secretary of state to view the records is that the PM him- (or her-)self has to agree that those poor unfortunate souls the sheople elect can be spied on, but in practice, all of this is moot as the collection of data is done anyway, and do you think any PM ever would actually allow MP’s any anyone connected to them to be spied on the way they want to (and now will absolutely be able to) spy on ordinary people?

No, of course they fucking won’t.

So You Want To Subvert An Election…

I get it, I really do. You hate Trump, you can’t fathom why anybody would vote for him.

The thing is, people did vote for him. Enough of them, in fact, that he actually won.  You have two choices at this point:

  1. Try to understand why he won
  2. Break the system

Which one would you choose?

I hear about people whispering about how the Electoral College should just summarily be disbanded because… oops, the wrong guy got in power. Or how, for the first time ever, the E.C voters should vote ‘with their conscience’ (i.e. not for Trump) because… ooops, the wrong guy got in power.

And I know, you’re scared, upset, crying on the floor, moaning, tearing your hair out, triggered even… but are you sure you want to dismantle democracy in the USA?

I’m not being hyperbolic about it, either. If the EC system is fucked with now, even now, then democracy as it stands in America is over. It is shown to be a sham, utterly worthless and pointless.

Change the system, sure, but do it legitimately. Do it with years left to go before the next vote. Do it mid-season, in the open, with everybody under agreement — or at least, a majority.

If the Electoral College votes other than in the way it has been recognized to do since its inception, you are opening a Pandora’s Box that absolutely cannot be closed again.

This is why Brexit will happen despite how utterly shocked the establishment is about it, despite how the entire main stream media is even now having a shitfit over it, despite even now how there are whispers of a second referendum: that’s not how it works.

Democracy is a system that works because we all agree it works, even when some of us inevitably do not get what we want.

The reason, back in 2004, that Bush got such a hard time for his second (let alone first) term is because he wasn’t actually elected. He was selected by a jury in an unprecedented failure of democracy that made the USA a laughing stock the world over. The amount of redistricting and gerrymandering that went on made the USA look like Cuba. It was disgraceful, shameful and pathetic.

This would be worse. Do not let it happen. Jill Stein — and now Hillary for joining her effort after undermining the same grandstanding that Trump and his feces-flinging compatriots were doing during the campaign — should be drummed out of Congress for undermining the democratic process.

If you want to get rid of Trump, then impeach the legally elected president on day fucking one. It’s not going to be hard — he wants to appoint his family members to posts, he has direct fucking conflicts of interest in businesses and oil pipelines that absolutely mean he cannot be president if he does not give them up. That alone makes him entirely unfit to be president, not to mention his incompetence.

Otherwise, you are dismantling the very basis for American society, and I do not know what will be the result of such behaviour.