At the beginning of this year, 2016, the official news sources of the country of Germany reported that New Years was ‘mostly quiet and peaceful’. For days afterwards, the official line — reported ad nauseum in ‘official’ news sources — were that everything was fine.

This was patently not true, since more than 1200 women suffered at the hands of roving muslim rape gangs.

Thousands of people — plenty of Africans, all of them muslims, all of them ‘migrants’, these are the facts, sorry regressives — were participating in a muslim passtime called taharrush gamea where women are surrounded by men and then gang raped.

These facts, these hideous facts, only came out after an online uproar at the deafening silence from all official and local sources how females any age from 7 to 70 were being sexually assaulted en masse. Finally, of course, the story broke because millions of people were reading about it online, and the otherwise fractious ‘old media’ decided that their reputation was worth more than their ideology.

And now the powers that be want to  ‘get rid of fake news’.

The onslaught against free speech has only stepped up in the last couple of years with Twitters Tone Police Stazi that are  threatening to ban the president of the United States if he ‘violates their code of conduct’. Pay no attention to how their code of conduct varies depending on language used, how replacing the word ‘white’ with ‘black’ in otherwise the exact same tweet is not treated the same, of course…

The old media is quaking in its boots about the rise of the internet, where anyone and everyone can have their own voice, where the spin that all publications inevitably put on their pieces is countered by the spin (or sometimes anti-spin) that is put on pieces by millions of prospective investigative journalists (and hackjobs like me). And governments hate it, because their carefully crafted narratives (like in Germany, where nothing happened at all during New Years 2016) fall apart like so much confetti when faced with honest reporting by ordinary people on the ground who are suffering under the yoke of regressive tyranny.

And governments are pushing back.

Do not let them. They will take away the truth, and hide how thousands of people are mass raped in public because it does not agree with their narrative. They will continue to grind you down with platitudes until you are so under their heel that you welcome them crushing your spirit.


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