I get it, I really do. You hate Trump, you can’t fathom why anybody would vote for him.

The thing is, people did vote for him. Enough of them, in fact, that he actually won.  You have two choices at this point:

  1. Try to understand why he won
  2. Break the system

Which one would you choose?

I hear about people whispering about how the Electoral College should just summarily be disbanded because… oops, the wrong guy got in power. Or how, for the first time ever, the E.C voters should vote ‘with their conscience’ (i.e. not for Trump) because… ooops, the wrong guy got in power.

And I know, you’re scared, upset, crying on the floor, moaning, tearing your hair out, triggered even… but are you sure you want to dismantle democracy in the USA?

I’m not being hyperbolic about it, either. If the EC system is fucked with now, even now, then democracy as it stands in America is over. It is shown to be a sham, utterly worthless and pointless.

Change the system, sure, but do it legitimately. Do it with years left to go before the next vote. Do it mid-season, in the open, with everybody under agreement — or at least, a majority.

If the Electoral College votes other than in the way it has been recognized to do since its inception, you are opening a Pandora’s Box that absolutely cannot be closed again.

This is why Brexit will happen despite how utterly shocked the establishment is about it, despite how the entire main stream media is even now having a shitfit over it, despite even now how there are whispers of a second referendum: that’s not how it works.

Democracy is a system that works because we all agree it works, even when some of us inevitably do not get what we want.

The reason, back in 2004, that Bush got such a hard time for his second (let alone first) term is because he wasn’t actually elected. He was selected by a jury in an unprecedented failure of democracy that made the USA a laughing stock the world over. The amount of redistricting and gerrymandering that went on made the USA look like Cuba. It was disgraceful, shameful and pathetic.

This would be worse. Do not let it happen. Jill Stein — and now Hillary for joining her effort after undermining the same grandstanding that Trump and his feces-flinging compatriots were doing during the campaign — should be drummed out of Congress for undermining the democratic process.

If you want to get rid of Trump, then impeach the legally elected president on day fucking one. It’s not going to be hard — he wants to appoint his family members to posts, he has direct fucking conflicts of interest in businesses and oil pipelines that absolutely mean he cannot be president if he does not give them up. That alone makes him entirely unfit to be president, not to mention his incompetence.

Otherwise, you are dismantling the very basis for American society, and I do not know what will be the result of such behaviour.


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