Remember when British MP’s passed ‘The Snooper’s Charter‘? You know, that wildly invasive bill that allows the world and his dog (or at least a vast number of organizations and groups inside Britain the power to give everybody’s browsing habits the once-over for up to a year after the fact? And not only browsing habits, but all top-level connections to all internet services?

Yeah, that’s right, the result was that one wrong stop will (not might) mean that a leak hands massive amount of otherwise private information out to anybody who either penetrates the system or (more likely) buys a hard drive off ebay that used to sit inside a government laptop (that may or may not have gotten lost behind a filing cabinet).

Well, because we all know that our governing body is just and fair, they’ve decided that they too will happily give up their privacy the same way they are violating the privacy of their constituents.

…Oh, wait, sorry, I’ve just been told that I’ve got that absolutely wrong. The government has, infact, exempted itself from those painfully invasive snooping powers.

If you needed any more proof that this law as written is unjust, unfair, invasive and one ebay sale away from mass exposure of the private browsing habits and personal information of millions of law-abiding citizens in some Scorched Earth, Nuke-It-From-Orbit, bad idea boondoggle, this should be it.

I mean sure, in principal, the only extra protection after needing a warrant signed by the secretary of state to view the records is that the PM him- (or her-)self has to agree that those poor unfortunate souls the sheople elect can be spied on, but in practice, all of this is moot as the collection of data is done anyway, and do you think any PM ever would actually allow MP’s any anyone connected to them to be spied on the way they want to (and now will absolutely be able to) spy on ordinary people?

No, of course they fucking won’t.


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