Let me explain:

There is a difference between being sick of a system that has grown corrupt, complacent and actively antagonistic to the vast majority of people, and actually liking the replacement.

I am glad of the change, but no, I am in no way glad of El Presidente Orange Hitler.

However, in the same way that Brexit will hurt but ultimately be a good thing, I feel the result of this historic election (after a period of instability and fear, punctuated by jingoism and breast beating) will be far superior to sliding slowly into a future where the society as built — for all its faults, the society that let us fly spaceships to the moon —  would have been replaced by a society that kowtows to a religion that flies planes into buildings.

You want to know what Trump is like? Well, he’s a flake. A buffoon. A moron. The only thing he’s ever been good at doing is tooting his own horn. He’s left a trail of disaster, destruction and bankruptcy wherever he’s been. The only reason a good number of those failed businesses his baby like fat fingers diddled with managed to get chapter 11 protection was under strict guidance that he never be allowed a role governing them ever again.


Trump is being supported by LGBT’s, did you know that?

Make no mistake, Trump’s presidency is going to be rife with nepotism, cronyism, piss and wind, and most of all stark, bollock-breaking incompetence. The single most-said things to the shaved orange ape (after ‘good morning, mr president’ and ‘good night, mister president’) are going to be “no, mr president, you can’t do that” and “no, mr president, you really can’t do that”.

He has no fucking clue how to run a business, and even less of a clue how to run a country. His whole campaign was a shitshow designed to drum up media attention for him as a businessman; he spent every available moment saying one thing from one side of his mouth and another thing from the other, to whoever would actually listen. His wall, his going after Hillary, his strong words about China, his draining of the swamp: all of it, all of it, is garbage. He’s back-peddled on every single one of them.

He never expected to win. Pence, the homophobic mother fucker that he is, never expected to win either. The far right conned Trump into selecting him, and Pence was happy to go along with the farce because there was zero chance anybody else would give him any airtime.

You can tell this by how absolutely nondescript he’s been about being put on fucking notice by the entire cast and crew of that show he went to. He took the verbal dressing down like a champ, and promised to actually be a VP for everyone.

Things might change if Trump has a heart attack and the reins of the USA pass to him, but until that point in time, I think Pence is just holding his balls to stop them being cut off and trying hard to work out how to not be a piece of shit.

Trump, on the other hand, is flinging feces like a baboon on Twitter and whining about safe spaces. Am I surprised? No. No I am not.

I listened to his address a few days ago, direct on Youtube like a fucking prom queen, and laughed. The only thing he’s going to accomplish is to pull out of the TPP, which is unarguably a good thing seeing as how it’s utterly evil.

Everything else he said he’d do either straight up can’t be done, or would take far longer than four years to actually get anywhere with. Especially given how the left loathe him and the right despise him. Even with the right running the show, Trump’s incompetence is going to end up with nobody getting anything done as they’re going to spend two years teaching Trump how not to be a fuckup and two more years wiping his ass everytime he shits himself. And by then, he’s going to be too old and too tired to carry on a job he never wanted in the first place.

And when that happens, whatever’s left of the United States had better field a candidate better than backstabbing Hillary to replace him because anybody is going to look like a godsend at that point.

Another day I’m going to rant on why Hillary was worse than Trump, but I’ll say this: she was competent, but competently evil. And she was a globalist, ideologue of a pattern of a beliefs and behaviours that have impoverished the West and, if it remains unchecked, may destroy it. But, the dragon has awoken. People aren’t laying down for that shit, so they voted in a moron rather than a despot.


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