Welcome, dear reader. Come in, put your feet up, let’s settle down for a nice chat.

A technology blog? Sure, I love to talk about technology, but right now I need to talk about society — namely Western Society.

No, don’t get that look on your face. I’m not some far-right ultra nationalist. I wouldn’t even particularly call myself a right-winger. In general, I’m a bit of a lefty. The thing is, you need to listen to this because I can tell you’re upset. You’re confused, scared and in some cases angry.

So listen a while, because after I finish talking, you won’t be. You’ll understand. And, more importantly, whether you’re male, female, white, black, brown yellow or green, you’ll be glad of what’s happening.

At the beginning of last century, nationalist pride in Germany caused not one but two world wars. It took two major defeats for the people of Germany to understand that the old ways of doing things — empires, colonies, direct conflict — was out, and the new ways of doing things — trade, diplomacy, economic and cultural relations — was in.

Slowly, even the British Empire ceased being quite so domineering (essentially, after putting down one would-be global empire, it didn’t really seem acceptable to keep up another) and the world map as we know it today (more or less) took shape.

And this is where the Old Right began to fall. It had a brief but powerful resurgence in America as the ex-colonies fought the last other superpower in a number of showboat proxy wars, with those shithole quagmires sucking lives and futures in and spitting cripples and broken dreams back out, but by the time I was born roughly in the eighties, the Left was on the rise.

The Left, being the new kid on the block, held dear various oft-touted but rarely exercised tenets like freedom of expression and equality as their own. And it could do this because it promised a new collective, different from the regimented roles dictated by the Old Right. For the men stuck in a cell of toxic masculinity as much as for the women stuck in the kitchen, the Left offered a way out, a way forwards.

However, these freedoms were as much an illusion under the Left as they were under the flag of nationalism.

Freedom of expression turned into mandatory acceptance of those expressions. Freedom to disagree turned into a demand to never be offended. Inquiry and debate turned into infantilism and safe spaces.

In short, where the Old Right had merely let down those trodden under by the weight of Western Society, the Left utterly betrayed them.

In a rout of self-flagellation, white guilt became the order of the day, and with the new wave of “it’s not your fault” sentiment reducing everyone that wasn’t immediately enfranchised by the New World Order to helpless babies, it meant that women could never be as good as men because ‘The Patriarchy’ (which were as pervasive as they were powerful — and imaginary, I hasten to add) kept them down. Blacks could never get equal treatment because of all those racists. Gays and lesbians could never get equal treatment because of normies and their evil enforcement of gender roles on poor little boys and girls who were too young to know that they didn’t have to accept their bodies… and were subsequently taught not to in what has been quite simply a disgusting and deliberate campaign to reprogram our children in the ways of Cultural Marxism.

Don’t believe me? Just google it. There are dames in England advocating that ‘sex education’ as it stands should be scrapped in favour of just showing children pornography. There are schools in Australia seeking  to give (and giving!) kids as young as 2 sex education classes, in which will be pushed — yes, actually pushed — ideas like gender fluidity and transsexuality.

All of this from the Left which has abandoned most normal people (and by ‘normal’ I mean no insult to anyone, I merely mean the cis, hetero and white majority of Europe in a deliberate campaign to stamp out heteronormitivity and enforce multicultural globalism on a populace that really doesn’t need it).

Do not get me wrong, the Old Right was wrong in so many ways. Their bankrupt morality was directly responsible for the rise of the Left. Their rigid adherence to gender roles meant that gays and lesbians, trans people and even ‘normal’ men and women were stuffed into boxes where they didn’t always fit.

But the Left… they are so much worse. The Old Right may have had an unhealthy fanaticism with Statehood, but the Left do not agree with any form of State.

Think I’m going too far? Well, how does this sound: Europe was supposed to be an economic union. Instead, we have Merkel opining how wonderful it will be when Europe is irrevocably changed by her open-door policy on refugees “particularly in light of [their] recent history”.

What she means is that she is so ashamed of Germany’s history, that she is willing to betray Germany’s future by indiscriminately welcoming in millions of people who do not share in Europe’s values. She is not only willing but intending to erase differences across the board, to erase country borders, to erase country laws and customs and to replace it with a homonogenized supra-national state that recognizes only comrade citizens.

What, you thought I was using hyperbole? No, no I was not. Children are being told not to call each other ‘boys and girls’ but to use the gender-neutral (and Marxist) term ‘comrade’.

And this is where the Alt Right comes in. Because the Alt Right is a new Right that welcomes gays, lesbians and transsexuals as much as it welcomes whites, blacks, browns and greens. The Alt Right doesn’t give a shit what colour or creed you belong to, it just cares that you believe in being the best person you can be.

The Left believes in equality of outcome — poor people get more, rich people get less, competent people get ignored, the special needs groups (incompetent blacks, helpless women, downtrodden gender snowflakes) get handouts to make sure that actual effort is not needed, because Nanny State will be there to wipe dirty bottoms and swaddle in cotton fucking wool. And anybody who doesn’t tow the party line gets ostracised, called ‘racist’ or ‘bigot’ or ‘xenophobe’ or any other number of different insults, including the absolute worst, which is ‘cis white male’.

The Alt Right, seeing as it’s made up of all those disenfranchised cis white folk, cis black folk, and multicoloured gays and lesbians and so on, doesn’t particularly agree with the tumblrina designation of ‘cis white male’ as an insult, and embraces it. It says “if you can do something special, you deserve success because of it”. It gives equality of opportunity. It is non-judgemental. It is libertarian, caring not one tiniest jot about sex or sexuality or any other virtue-signal bullshit and it won’t straightjacket you into being a party peon, a faceless serf with no distinguishing characteristics as the Left has been doing with its Cultural Marxism.

This is why Brexit happened — people were fed right the fuck up with batshit idealogues like Merkel, saw what rampant unchecked immigration by people who do not want to be part of our society was doing, and gave their protest vote to the previously unthinkable.

This is why Trump happened. Rather than hand the reigns of the last superpower over to a warmongering, backstabbing criminal like Hillary (thank you, Wikileaks, for existing so we can know the truth) they flocked to orange hitler because he had neither let them down nor utterly betrayed them.

And that’s why, whether you’re white, black, gay, lesbian, trans or any other true flavour of normal (and not a demi-queer gendervoid fox-spirit toothbrushkin or whatever bullshit flavour of the month is popular on Tumblr) you should not feel worried by Trump. He wasn’t voted in by racists and bigots. He was voted in by people who are so desperate for change that they would rather the lad who said ‘grab them by the pussy … they let you’ than the woman who would’ve started world war three with Russia.

The dragon is woken, it is us, and this is our new world. And come next year, the Alt Right will just be The Right. Let’s hope that change wagon keeps on rolling.


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