Every run is the hardest. Every run is the one you can’t complete. Every run is the one that you just know you’ll get part way and have to stop, and do the walk of shame home. But if you’re lucky, if you work hard, at some point you’ll find that despite every run being that one you’re sure you won’t complete, every run will leave you feeling great at the end of it as you cross the finishing line.

But you know what? Every run starts with that First Step.

I’m doing my damnedest to make sure that running remains a part of my life now that I’m running for 30 minutes at a go. It’s not as easy as you think, but since I’m still listening to the NHS couch to 5k podcast (the last one, naturally), then I find that when I start humming the first song in the playlist of week 9, then it’s probably time I went running again.

Truly, I’ve had enough of you and Julie…

It’s weird how that works, but the song is catchy, it reminds me of the podcast, which reminds me I should go running, so I do. Win win, really.

But before you sniff and disregard this post, I want to tell you something: Every run starts with a First Step. Mine was about two years ago. I ran for a few weeks, got to about week 3 and had to stop. I got a cold that lasted for 2 weeks, and then rain that lasted 6. Then last year I made it to about week 4. And then it rained again.

But the important thing is that this year I picked it up again, and this time I’m at 9 weeks and counting.

Sure, I guess I can regret that I didn’t get to 9 weeks two years ago, but I don’t regret starting. I guess I should call that first step this year as the really important one, but any way you slice it, I got to the 9 weeks. And whether you give up after the first couple of minutes, that first couple of weeks or the first couple of months, if you keep on trying to get yourself into shape, sooner or later you’ll succeed, even if it’s by accident.

If I can do it, you can. I’m not finished getting into shape, not by a long shot. Currently my shape is a pear and it should be more of… well, I guess still a pear, but the other way up. Broad shoulders, manly chest and so on.

I’ll get there.


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