You want the TL;DR? Go see it if you enjoy popcorn flicks with big budgets and plenty of explosions.

In slightly longer, if you like action movies, then you’ll love this one. However, if you’re looking for the cerebral episodes of the original (or even TNG, DS9 and some Voyager) like City on the Edge of Forever, then look elsewhere. Not that every episode from the series were cranially golden (plenty were more golden shower than, well, golden) but this movie is enjoyable action, pure and simple.

Having said that, it is beautiful action. There are a couple of spots with some shitty CG, but for the most parts it was a treat to look at and listen to, quite seamless and I really , really enjoyed it. The characters are great (especially liked the female alien from the planet, very likeable and relatable character) and I for one enjoyed the story (despite some asspulls that had my eyes rolling).

There were plenty of great classic double-fist fighting shatner-fu action scenes, and plenty of things exploding and shenanigans involving teleporters and exploding spacecraft and whatnot, so if you’re up for some very cinematic space battles and ludicrous asspull last inning saves, then you’re in luck.

My recommendation? Go see it, it’s the first ‘new trek’ movie that stands on its own without constant nudging and winking to the previous series (other than a couple of token reflective moments).


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