How many years ago was it that Snowden had to run for his life? Or how about Julian Assange?

I know Assange has been accused of rape (except… nobody seems to actually believe the evidence isn’t trumped up bullshit) and is obviously nothing but a criminal, but surely he couldn’t be hiding out in fear of his life?

I mean obviously Assange isn’t really worried that the Americans will come swooping in on wings of eagle-cawing freedom and whiffle him away to some backwater gitmo, never to be seen again, right?

It’s not like whistleblowers of massive corruption scandals just turn up dead, is it? It’s not like sites designed to tell you the truth about massive corruption, nepotism, bribery and shystery are being actively silenced by the government, right?

Of  course, just this once the senseless and confusing murder of a DNC staffer might have absolutely nothing to do with the fact that 20,000 emails got leaked regarding what can only be described as systematic fraud inside a supposedly neutral organization. Maybe Seth Rich really was just unlucky, and the victim in a mugging gone wrong that left all of his personal belongings intact and a bullet in his back. Yeah, that was probably it. Nothing to see here. Move along.

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