The Congress. Yes, it’s another head-trip. You’re welcome.

Where do I start? The weird main-plot-point-that-ends-up-kind-of-secondary? The fact that half way through the movie we move from real life to animated crazy town and somehow have to meld the two into a coherent narrative? The fact this seems to be essentially three different movies in one — a family drama I don’t really understand, a post-apocalyptic, post-human head-trip I don’t really understand and a multi-decade high-technology-induced drug trip that I really, really don’t understand — or the fact that this movie is so far around the bend it comes back on itself in a display that is either genius, madness or both?

You need to see this movie because there is quite literally nothing else like it, except maybe The Fantastic Planet.

The plot goes like this: an aging actress who turned down far too many roles agrees to be ‘digitized’ if she’ll never act again in order to save her son from… something. I don’t really know what. Some sort of creeping autism? I really don’t know, it doesn’t matter, because after she does that, the movie just says “right, fuck that, drug trip time” and we jump 20 years into the future or so, the actress in question takes a vial of something-or-other, we get an ominous speech from a lone security guard that I thought we’d be seeing again in some sort of meaningful meeting but we never do, and everything that you thought was going to happen in this movie becomes utterly meaningless, and everything that happens from that point on is so far beyond the pail that I think it turned it into a klein bottle.

There are freakouts and gunshots and bomb plots and some being frozen in cryostasis of some sort (I… I think?) and some weird freaky sex and a flying scene and oh my god what the hell is going on is that a bouncing hitler.

Seriously, see this movie. Just once. And then tell me what the hell happened in it, because I have literally no idea.


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