Straight away as the run began, I knew I couldn’t make it. Before five minutes were even up, I was huffing rather badly. My ankles and calves weren’t hurting, but I was feeling the strain more than last time.

At ten minutes, I was sure I wouldn’t make it even half way, but I promised myself I’d try. Somehow, I did make it half way. This being a 30 minute run, half way was a lot closer to my turn-around spot than previous runs. At the turn-around point, I wasn’t very hopeful at all, but I resolved to run as far as possible. If I could make it to the top of my road, at around 20-25 minutes, I knew I’d be somewhat happy at least.

At 25 minutes in to a run that could only end badly, I decided to run for as long as possible. At 29 minutes, I knew I had almost nothing left.

But somehow, I had enough left for another 60 seconds of running.

I made it.

At 30 minutes, I slowed to a brisk walk for the warm-down walk home, and realized the horrible truth: I needed to do this two more times this week… and then every other day for the rest of my life.


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  1. jessicaheidi says:

    But you did it! You wanted to stop after a few minutes, but you did 30, and the next time it won’t be as hard and sooner than later you will look at 30 minutes and say, “wow, done already?” You got this. Great job!

    • dmayoss says:

      Thank you for the kind words! I know a half hour is nothing compared to a real marathon, but for me it’s quite the milestone. It’s something I’ve worked hard at and for, and intend to keep up.

      Early in the program, the lady on the podcast does say that longer runs require more and more mentally, and I have to say she’s right. It all really does come down to just telling yourself not to give up.

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