These guys are heroes.


If you don’t know who they are, don’t be surprised, but last year they died protecting people from Daesh (I won’t legitimise isis by using that term) suicide attacks on a mosque in Saudi Arabia.

They were far braver than I am, and I have no issues saying that. I talk a lot about how I dislike islam, but I don’t say it to spit on people like these. I say it about the sort of people that can use a religion to attack innocent people, and I say it about a religion that can so easily support such acts.

It’s hard, in today’s regressive left world, to explain this stance properly because of the knee-jerk reaction to even suggesting that there might be a problem with a religion because it’s automatically applied to having a problem with all the people who adhere to it.

Clearly there’s a disconnect, because there are some amazing people who are muslims. Just look at mufti menk

In general, he’s an incredibly moderate voice sorely needed in a religion which, let’s face it, has issues even for the most moderate of its members — women’s testimony being half that of a man, being gay is immoral and evil, I could go on (and menk here has to tow that line too, sadly) — and that’s the issue at the core of it.

It’s a religion penned some 40 years after the death of its one and only prophet, written by warlords in a violent and barbaric time, steeped in a culture which is very, very patriarchal and tribal. Understandably it’s going to have issues matching today’s liberal and permissive societies.

Unfortunately, hard-liners are unwilling to dilute the more rabid and violent parts of the koran. I could go on for post after post about why, but the short-short version is oil money and interference in that part of the world by the West fuels not only the hatred but the oppression that prevents movements like the arab spring from truly taking off.

This leaves us with refugees from a culture which has wildly different, propaganda-fueled ideas about not only what is acceptable behaviour with women and western culture in general, but a lot of bubbling resentment about their situation in general seeing as meddling has caused most of it. And that’s ignoring the straight up economic leeches who are literally and honestly travelling specifically to get handouts from a West they see as weak, spineless, immoral and ripe for the invading (not to mention the terrorists who are infiltrating posing as refugees).

So what can be done?

Well, words and actions from the West can’t really solve the issue. All we can hope is that our governments stop acting like Germanys did over the Cologne rapes and stop sweeping mass gang rapes under the rug. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

Anyway, what’s needed is a reformation. We need muslims to decide — as a people — that their religion needs to be brought into the present. Forty years ago, talk about being ‘a poofta’ or whatever was the norm. Today we have gay rights and gay marriage and our society is better for it. Even the most enlightened muslim refugees face an uphill struggle to integrate into a culture which is at least forty years ahead of them in terms of freedom of expression and liberty. But they need to integrate. They also need to be treated equally under the law instead of having a blind eye turned to mass refugee crime.

I get it, these are troubled people from troubled places, but that doesn’t excuse it, and ignoring it will only make it worse.

We need that conversation, they need that conversation.

If it doesn’t happen, it will end in civil war and everyone will suffer.

To all muslims living in the West: talk to your imams about being the change you want to see. Give to charity and be the good samaritan to everyone in the community, no matter whether they’re white, black, gay, christian, jew or atheist. Turn aside from ‘traditional’ behaviour that has no place in a modern world (like beating your wife, even if you don’t leave bruises). If you can do it about beating your wife, you can definitely embrace the idea of gay unions and personal liberty to not be a muslim and still be a good person. If you must follow jihad, then let that struggle be one of kind words and kinder deeds, you’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar, eh?

And yes, I completely understand most muslims are like most christians. I just also know that a lot more of you have backwards ideas about gays, women, atheists, social behaviour and common law than most christians do. We all have our social problems, but islam as a general rule is behind the curve — you can’t really deny it, and you shouldn’t have to. I have great respect for people, but I don’t feel any great need to put ideologies on pedestals just because some of those people I respect hold those things sacred.


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  1. Rather than reform, why dont you Muslims leave that disgusting cult of Islam.

    Your Cult is nearly as disgusting as the Catholic so called church.
    Oh wait..Wasn’t Sunni Islam started by the Vatican. ?

    • dmayoss says:

      As an atheist, I don’t know why any sane person would believe in invisible sky-gods, but as a realist I also am not surprised that most believers don’t realy tend to believe the bad parts of their own religions seeing as they’ve been told that their own religion is ‘good’ (and that others are ‘bad’).

      Plenty of people see islam as an identity, and leaving it behind is just not an option for them (quite apart from how apostasy is a death sentence in many parts of the world), so actively reforming their religion is the next best thing – like for starters acknowledging basic human rights and equality as being more important than the parts of their religious texts that say otherwise.

      If that basic step can’t be taken, then it’s quite obvious who is the bad person. Arguing against basic human rights and equality can never be ‘good’.

      • The only thing that makes ‘ True Faith ‘ in Jesus Christ look bad,or Christianity, etc, are those who, being sinners, are not perfect,and lack knowledge, and those that are in Leadership within Christianity, that do not behave, according to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
        When I refer to Christianity, I DO NOT include catholicism.

        If anything, the catholic so called church has given the name ‘ Christian ‘ a bad name,as they usurp that name,and the ignorant believe them to be Christian.


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