Do I need to actually post anything here?

Sure, not all muslims. But he was a muslim. He did shout allahu akbar. He did murder 84 people and wound dozens more. And he did do it in the name of his religion. As so many before have done, and more will yet do.

I’m distressed, because not only did it happen, but I am 100% sure that the regressive left will be leaving out pertinent details about this abominable act. It’s not that I want certain parts of it specifically played up for some sick political agenda, but that I know it will be modified for some equally sick political agenda.

For what it’s worth, my thoughts are with the people in France who were injured and killed, or knew and loved people who were injured and killed, by a religious extremist muslim terrorist.

If the mainstream government continues to remain paralyzed by self-guilt and fear of being seen as politically incorrect, then further and further right wing types will rise up to take advantage of these terror acts. And quite rightly so, as a government is supposed to care for the populace, so if it doesn’t, it needs to go. My only fear with such right wing reactionist agendas is the jingoism that comes with it.

What can be done? I don’t know. What I do know is that sticking with the leftist regressive self-flagellation is suicide as a society and a culture, and that’s unacceptable.


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  1. Richard kay says:

    How can you protect people from wack-jobs? You cant. What does it take for a mentally unstable person to flip (in the name of religion as well), how can governments identify people capable of these acts? A large number of people would need to be dealt with. Look at america, they have enough if these wack-jobs who arent Muslim fanatics, and they can get their hands on weapons no probs. In more civilised societies they have to go for other approaches – this truck attack will no doubt spur other would be wack-jobs to do something similar. How to stop this – block all people renting vans?
    A sad world we live in, lets hope a decent approach to dealing with this comes about…

    • dmayoss says:

      You are absolutely right to ask the questions you have, but that’s actually the problem.

      The establishment (including most of the media) cannot even have an honest conversation about these sorts of terror attacks.

      You can discuss home-grown terrorists going out to fight for Daesh, and you can discuss Daesh bombing, murdering, raping and pillaging… but only so far as to have it happen somewhere else.

      There is no examination of the policies of free movement of goods, services *and people* because it doesn’t fit with the agenda that the establishment has of creating this kind of glorious utopia where everybody from everywhere all sit together in a big hugging circle jerk singing kumbaya.

      It’s frowned upon to even suggest that maybe there is a problem with allowing certain types of people to live in this country, and with good historical precedent for behaving that way… but unless we can even have that conversation, things are going to continue to get worse.

      I sound like a broken record — worse, I sound like a *racist* broken record — but 1200 families in Rotherham, 100% of violent rapes in Norway (until they stopped releasing that statistic), the roving rape gangs new years eve in France, Sweden’s rape statistics… we as a culture are completely paralyzed, and it will be and absolutely is being taken advantage of whilst the establishment looks the other way.

      That’s why I’m saying we need to have the mainstream governments and media start to talk about the problem openly, frankly and brutally honestly, our existing laws need to be enforced (we don’t even *need* new ones) and our immigration policies need to include deportation, even for ‘refugees’.

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