When you have words like justice, or correctness, you know what they mean. Justice is, through thoughts and deeds, correcting the base uncaring nature of the universe in favour of fairness. Correctness is doing the right thing. These words by themselves describe the whole of their nature. They don’t need embellishment. There is no such thing as superjustice, or ubercorrectness. The very idea is laughable.

So why do we feel the need to pervert these perfectly adequate words? The only thing you can do by tacking on extra words to such notions is to — at best — dilute them. At the worst, you can entirely invert them.

There is no final arbiter in the case of evil deeds — you can murder, rape and pillage all you like, and if nobody finds out, nothing happens. Poe would say differently, but if you feel yourself justified in your crimes, then even that little voice we call the conscience can be silenced.

So what happens when an entire group of people are told, over and over, that it’s not their fault that they are statistically poorer, statistically more likely to die of gun crime, or that their inability to get jobs because of their poor education standards is thanks to a system which is built to oppress them?

Well, it could just be that when a known felon — who failed to report for registration as a sex offender, who matches the description of a recent gun-point robbery, who resists arrest and attempts to reach for that concealed weapon whilst struggling against being arrested for crimes he has done as well as one he may have — is shot by the police, that there are riots and protests about unfair treatment that result in violence and property destruction.

It could even be, I suspect, that the narrative of ‘us versus them’, of a system allegedly specifically designed to allow the targeting of this group for oppressing could lead to somebody taking the initiative in some sort of vigilante justice, and murdering four more people that were, quite literally, just doing their job.

In a world that has justice and correctness, the shooting of one armed felon who was struggling with the police to reach for his deadly weapon could be seen as a regrettable occurrence that needed to be investigated to be sure that justice was, indeed, properly served. In a world like that, the deliberate murder of four innocent people would be seen as a true hate crime.

But in our world, we don’t seem to have ‘justice’ any more. We have ‘social’ justice. We have ‘political’ correctness.

In our world, the shooting of an armed and dangerous felon is automatically wrong because he is black, and the deliberate murder of four innocent people out doing their job is automatically right because they were white.

And nobody sees anything wrong with this picture.

Oh, but the shooting of black people by white cops is endemic of a racist, oppressive culture, you say. The arrests and convicting of black people many times that of other races is purely because of racism, of a need to keep the nigger down and in their place, you opine.

Well, what if I told you that not only were you reinforcing a narrative that leads to white people castigating themselves for being so evil as to cause somebody to murder four white people, but also castigating themselves for being so evil as to have a white person shoot a black person, but that this insistence on this white versus black narrative — a narrative you insist on (and now I’m talking to the masses who are getting up in front of cameras and doing just that, I didn’t invent this narrative) — but that you have already been lied to so thoroughly that you can’t recognize that fact?

I’m not saying racism doesn’t exist, because of course it does. We absolutely have would-be plantation owners sniffing through their noses about ‘them damn niggers’, the same way as we now have hundreds of black people on the television shouting ‘fuck the police’ or ‘kill them crackers’ and celebrating a sniper murdering four policemen who were protecting the black lives matter thugs as they demonstrated, once again, about the only black lives that matter — namely the ones killed by ‘whitey’.

They ignore the fact that the leading cause of death amongst young black people is other black people.

They ignore the fact that (for 2012) at just 6.6% of the population, black males committed 5,531 murders compared with white males at 38% of the population committing 4582.

Do you want to know how trigger-happy the supposedly racist and murderous police are? Well, at 112 deaths (‘justified’ and not), it would take 40 years to kill as many black men as black men have killed in that same period.

So don’t tell me that #blacklivesmatter is anything other than a racist, lying, bullying, thuggish resurgence of the black panthers. It clearly is.

I didn’t invent this black versus white narrative. Quite frankly it makes me sick to use that terminology, but if the regressives insist on it, then I will use it to prove a point with facts, not with gut feelings.


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