I don’t live in Britain. I moved out of Britain almost twenty years ago. I, therefore, did not have the right to cast my vote regarding the future of my home country. I hasten to add here that when I moved out, all of this “free movement” bullshit wasn’t in place. And I still managed to move to a foreign country.

All of those cringey, whiney, loud-mouthed blowhards decrying how the barriers have come down and the walls have gone up are talking utter, complete bullshit. The only thing that happens when Britain leaves the EU is that it gets its ability to self-govern back.

It gets to control its own borders, it gets to have its own people decide on its own laws, it keeps its own bank, it’s own penal code, it’s own citizens rights under magna carta, it makes its own fiscal policy, pays its own taxes and – crucially here – makes its own policy regarding trade and the movement of people.

In other words, it gets to keep on being a democracy.

Democracy comes from the words demos (meaning of the people) and kratos (meaning power). Democracy, therefore, is the power of the people. Our government (and I am still a British Citizen, thank you very much) governs with the consent of the governed.

Alternative governmental types includes oligarchies (an elite makes all the rules without consulting the people, like Russia today), dictatorships (a single elite makes all the rules, without consulting anybody), fascism (business and government are essentially one) and many, many others.

The thing is, the single most stable form of government in history is the democracy. The nicest, no kidding, is to live under a benevolent dictator, simply because a benevolent dictator doesn’t have to put up with all the petty bullshit that a democracy (or any other power system) does. The worst is, of course, a tyrannical despot (think North Korea).

So WHAT THE FUCK, THE GUARDIAN, are you talking about, when you want to “do away with democracy” in favour of a ‘democracy of the elite’?

Referendums and elections are both arcane instruments of public deliberation. If we refuse to update our democratic technology, we may find the system is beyond repair; … a dangerous road that all western democracies have taken: reducing democracy to voting.

What the absolute shit is going on at the guardian? What in the name of all that is sacred and holy is that complete and utter fucking moron  disgorging from his foul and fetid cakehole when he says “elections are bad for democracy”?

Isn’t it bizarre that voting, our highest civic duty, boils down to an individual action performed in the silence of the voting booth? Is this really the place where we turn individual gut feelings into shared priorities? Is it really where the common good and the long term are best served?

I am absolutely livid. I am quite literally shaking with rage. My fingers are almost vibrating I’m so mad. How can anybody look at themselves in the mirror whilst writing such patently disgusting sophistry as the article behind that link? How?

I am mad beyond reason. I am angry in a way that I have never been before. I have never been in the position that compatriots of my country could not only seriously write but have people agree with something so utterly, utterly repulsive.

I am not ignorant of history. I am not entirely unread. I have read – and marveled at the audacity – of such bait pieces as a modest proposal (yes, for the terminally stupid, that piece was deliberately provocative and not meant seriously) but this bloviating fuckwit is absolutely serious, even whilst being absolutely wrong:

Countless western societies are currently afflicted by what we might call “democratic fatigue syndrome”. Symptoms may include referendum fever, declining party membership, and low voter turnout.

Bolded for emphasis – Brexit was the single highest voter turnout for anything in the last twenty years.

I could go on, I could bring out the other big guns – the EU army, the removal of national sovereignty, the removal of article 50, the removal of all national laws, the removal of all national monetary policy and taxes – or indeed, I could bring out the rest of the bullshit that has been going on from a regressively leftist establishment and media apoplectic with indignation about “‘idiot’ voters stealing away their own futures”, or how governments are supposed to lead without consulting the people. Or about how non-residents are protesting in Britain about Britain daring to have a democratic system that gives voice to the people. About how 52% of the vote wasn’t enough to be serious and the fight was meaningless because it was the wrong answer, about remainers who literally (not figuratively!) have no fucking idea why they like the EU or why they would want to remain in it, but that would just take forever.

I am disgusted with the remain camp right now. Utterly, utterly disgusted on a level I never thought would be necessary in an enlightened age of supposedly educated people.

How dare they.


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