This isn’t tooting my own horn, I promise.

What it is, is an honest double take at something I said to myself as I started run #2 of week 6:

“Huh, 2 * 10 minutes, that’s easy. Why am I running an easier route today than last week?”

The moment I said that to myself, I did a double-take. When did running a total of 20 minutes – and for that, running 10 minutes at a go – become ‘easy’?

It wasn’t that easy, of course, but it was something that I not only thought of as not impossible, but was something that I saw as entirely doable and, in fact, routine.

I promise this isn’t tooting my own horn, I really do, because what I mean here is that I’m average. I’m not overly different from anyone else. And after a few weeks of exercising regularly for half hour at a go, I can say that running for ten minutes at a trot – indeed, twenty in total – is just something you can get up and do.

Several weeks ago, it wouldn’t have been.

My kids were on holiday for a while whilst I was at work, and when they saw me, they said “Dad, your neck and hands are thinner!” – just out of the blue. That surprised me. I’m still fat, of course, but apparently getting thinner.

If you’re still on the fence about making a difference but still hating how you’re out of shape, then get up off your fat ass and start the couch-2-5k program.

Go here, for example, get a pair of trainers and just start running. Just keep plugging at it. And in a few weeks, you too will be saying “huh, ten minute run. That’s easy.”

EDIT: I just got back from the third run in week six. It was 25 minutes in one go. I thought I would die. I didn’t. I made it. All that crap you hear about it being more in your mind that in your body is true – once you get far enough, you just have to silence the wheedling little voice that says you can stop any time you want. I haven’t hit that runners high again, at least not quite so vividly, but I have found that I can run those longer distances.


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