In the social commentary vein that I’ve been posting lately, here’s another slice of Social Justice Idiocy.

I don’t know if you know – or care (you should) – but the university of missouri has turned from a place of learning into a hotbed of social justice wangst. Here’s the breakdown about why you should be angry:

A male student – black – may or may not have been called a n**ger by some random passersby on his way to/from class. Since everything that happens to anybody anywhere is entirely the fault of the university (obviously, how could it not be, right?) this young black man decided to go on a hunger strike until the university saw fit to see to his demands that the administration resign over his oppression.

They did. Incredibly, they caved.

There’s just one catch – other than the obvious one that this alleged non-event had absolutely nothing to do with the administration of the university – and that is that this ‘oppressed’ black student is rich as balls.

His parents are worth about $20 million.

I find it hard to believe you can be so sorely oppressed if your parents are worth $20 million. You don’t get to have parents worth that much if you live in a society that fundamentally and systemically oppresses ‘their kind’.

And to top it off? Hard as it may be to believe, but this stellar young example of personhood is a complete and utter twatwaffle.

He’s a provocateur, a thief, a bigot and a mysogynist.

But at least he’s not a straight cis white male, huh?

Oh, you think I’m kidding about how utterly repulsive these blacklivesmatters people are? How utterly racist they are against white people? How utterly uncaring they about anybody not black?

Well, remember when Orlando happened a few days ago? How that muslim shooter killed around 50 people in a gay nightclub? Remember how the whole thing was actually about black people?

Yeah, me neither.

I think it is honestly utterly disgusting that during a display of mourning for the mass murder of tens of LGBTQ folk, some utter scum can walk on stage, make a fuss about ‘feeling scared because of all the white folks’ and then moan about how nobody cares about black people.

During a vigil for the murdered gay and lesbian people in a nightclub.

Utter scum.

Think the same sort of bullshit can’t happen in the UK? Think again. Apparently if you’re straight, white and male, you’re not allowed to care about equality and are unwelcome in UCU lectures. Because that’s not racist at all – men (especially straight white men) have no feelings to hurt and are unable to be affected by such mundane things as racism.

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