Ah, feminists. They never cease to amaze me. For years we’ve listened to a growing chorus – an ugly, crowing din – about how women have it soooo bad. About how much women need, no demand equality.

And then America goes and passes a law that requires women to sign up for the draft. And holy shit the amount of sand in third wave feminist vaginas is breathtaking.


Pro tip, sweetheart, if you don’t want all that equality you’ve saddled yourself with, then you don’t believe in equality.

In my book, a woman should be free (or, in the case of the draft, not free) to make exactly the same decisions as a man. She should have to and be able to do the same job, for the same pay in the same conditions. So if you harp on at me about needing more women in STEM fields, I’m going to point out to you that women are absolutely allowed (indeed, encouraged) to join STEM fields. And the fact that they aren’t isn’t anything to do with how many men work in STEM.

Women choose different career paths than men. They work shorter hours and/or less days, they take less demanding positions, they do less overtime. They do less strenuous work, they don’t take charge in general, they are different to men.

The key is, and this is the important bit, that there are no artificial restrictions on what men and women can or can’t do compared to one another. Any career differences are down to solely personal preference (and the same helping of luck and timing as with everybody else).

Women have been legally equal to men for over fifty years. If that legal fact isn’t quite as well carried out as it should be, then you know where the issue is, and it’s not to be dealt with by being unfair.

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