In the 1800’s, Western civilization was all about manifest destiny. It was doing what it thought was required of it as the seminal power in the world. It trampled over savages, squashed rebellions and sought to improve its own lot.

Of course, it fought amongst itself just as much — it’s hard to shake off a thousand years of that sort of thing — but by the 1900’s, thoughts of ‘might makes right’ turned to ‘maybe we should all try to get along’.

Don’t get me wrong, it took most of the 1900’s to get equality (at least in the West, I’m not going to demean the struggle we went through by laughably suggesting that anywhere outside of the West is anywhere near as liberal and liberated as ‘here’), but we did. I’m also not going to talk about what isn’t equal in the West, not because it doesn’t matter but because equality is a process and not an end point, and there are obviously still things that need improving.

Having said that, there are things that don’t. There are things that need protecting.

Equality and justice are two, along with personal freedom (better known as liberty).

They’re so important that the original pledge of the United States went:

I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Sure, the word ‘equality’ isn’t listed there, but you can hardly have liberty and justice for all without it.

And now, should you have missed it, we live in a post-feminist, secular world where women can do anything men can do (except pee standing up) and men can do anything women can do (which is be pregnant). That’s pretty much it.

Unless you’re a feminist, because third wave feminists apparently don’t care that equal pay has been enshrined in law for over fifty years (yes, I know that’s America, but everywhere else that matters did it around the same time) and unless you’re an islamist who didn’t get the memo that free speech is a cornerstone of our civilization and trumps your hurt feelings.

This century, we’re still reeling from jingoist manifest destiny, from might-makes-right, from the kind of heavy handed, brutal nationalism that ends up with hundreds of millions dead. And this makes us vulnerable to really fucking bad ideas, like giving backwards, violent extremists free reign to bully people on the streets of a Western country, demanding that non-adherents to their violent, backwards religion still abide by that religion’s restrictive, oppressive laws, and not practice their own personal freedoms.

I linked it before, but in case you missed it, here are muslim gangs assaulting people in London:

I could have chosen any of a gaggle of videos on youtube, from many different years, and it goes without saying that even the evil, vile and belligerent behaviour in London is easily topped by DAESH.

In our efforts to grow a new cultural identity, we’re trying on many ways of thinking. We’re trying to be incredibly inclusive, which is fair enough, but the downside of that inclusivity is that we’re listening to regressives.

We’re listening to people who want to take rights away, either because they feel those rights are wrong, in the case of muslims who object to anything their religion doesn’t deem moral, or because they’ve swallowed the lies that they’re always victims by a secret cabal of men running society for the benefit of only men, who have so many rights they not only don’t need protecting but need removing, in the case of feminists.

Don’t swallow it. Know your own correctness of thought. And if you don’t know, find out.

It’s easy to not know you are a moral person of good ethical fibre if you’ve not made the effort to understand your own stance on right and wrong. That’s one thing that religion does give you – a set of rules for what is good or evil.

Sadly, we need to cast it off as “the absolute truth” because it’s not, it’s always arbitrary and flawed. Note that even Christianity’s ten commandments don’t include “no slaves” or “don’t rape” or any useful law like that, instead the very first law is “always and only listen to me” and carries on in the same vein.

Learn and figure out for yourself what right and wrong is, what equality means for you and everyone else, and then stand firm. I know you can make the right decisions if you are rational and honest with yourself, whoever you are, and do not let ist’s or ism’s tell you what you believe.


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