More #brexit bullshit for you today, kids!

Whilst you’re  here, check out this video if you’re worried about the result of leaving the EU. It’s not what this post is about, but it is interesting:

If you’re interested in the opposite point of view, you can always check this one instead:

BUT… the thing you came here for!

Well, it turns out that France and Germany really were gunning for a super state that does away with petty things like sovereign borders, sovereign militaries, sovereign laws, sovereign… well, anything, really.

Now, I’m not at all happy about how tin-foil-hatty this following link is, but it seems to have a legitimate copy of the 9-page report that’s got everyone frothing at the mouth on it.

I have no idea if this whole thing is true, but it absolutely confirms everything that the leave camp were talking about if it is.

Personally I hope it’s not true, but suspect it is.

One thing’s certain: y’all need to buckle up and get some popcorn. It’s gonna git gud.

If it’s bullshit, I’ll take it down as soon as I find that out.


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