I wasn’t sure I could do it when I heard what the run would be.

I’ve been completing the couch-to-5k program for the last five weeks. The first four weeks were pretty similar – run when the woman says to run, keep up the walking when she says to walk. Warm up walk, warm down walk at the end.

The first week is, in some ways, harder than the second. You have to run on and off for a minute at a time. The second week, you do less runs of slightly longer periods. The third week was honestly worse than the previous or next.

And the fifth week… that’s when things get changed up. Normally you do the same run three times, but not during week 5.

During week 5, there is a different run each time… and in run 3 of week 5 they spring on you a surprise: you have to run for 20 minutes straight.

If I ever needed proof that my condition was improving, it was this run.

20 minutes straight, no breaks in between.

And I did it.

I ran for about 4km. Not more, and not less than 3km. I’ve measured how long it takes me to do what so whilst I didn’t have my activity band on (too late when you’ve already got everything together and you’ve set off, really, to go back and get it) I can feel confident in saying that.

I did it.

I’m not bragging, I’m just stating a fact. And the accompanying fact is that if I can do it, and you’ve been wanting to get into shape, then you can too.


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