I am shocked. Nervous and shocked. Nervous, shocked, but exhilerated. Britain actually voted itself free of an increasingly authoritarian, increasingly inefficient, increasingly expensive, increasingly failing superstate.

Holy shit. Now what?

Well, if you did any reading at all of the situation, you should know things will be tough for a while. Expect a very volatile year of ups and downs in the economy. With the pound falling (and then rising again, and then falling again, and then… well, you get the picture), a lot of people will try to spin this as inevitable disaster, as the world burning, as the end of Britain. Stand firm. If the pound falls in value, that just makes the enormous British economy a fertile ground for investment – once the dust settles.

All those trade deals? They don’t vanish. That EU market? Isn’t inaccessible. Those borders? Aren’t closed. Now, however, you get to say no to unchecked immigration costing British taxpayers billions, you get to say no to health care for foreigners who don’t pay taxes. You get to put all that EU money to the things it ‘paid for’, and still have money left over because it costs less to not support the EU gravy train. And most of all, you get a democratic government.

Let’s hope it takes that ass Cameron with it, and let’s hope that the absolute bombshell of freedom for Britain leads to some surprise government candidates and that new start to democracy in Britain.

This is, very much, the start of something big. And if we can’t make it ‘alone’, then we don’t deserve to call ourselves ‘Great’ Britain.

If we can’t be that nation that stood firm against the last foreign invaders and prevailed, then we may as well dissolve our status as a sovereign nation and become that backwater province of Europe like the cabal over there wanted.


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