I’ve said it before, and I know I need to say it again because there are regressives who will scream and howl that the words ‘dangerous’ and ‘islam’ or ‘muslim’ are next to each other, but I don’t hate all muslims. I don’t know most of them, there are over a billion of them.

What I do hate, however, is the idea that our freedoms that have been so hard won can be eroded by a lack of will in caring enough about them.

Recently a poll was taken of British muslims. Not crazy guys from Afghanistan or wherever, just ordinary British muslims.

Some facts for you to digest:

  • 100% of British muslims asked thought being gay was an immoral, unnacceptable way of life.
  • over 50% of them wanted it made illegal
  • almost 40% of them thought that women should always obey their husbands

I’ve already stated how our collective guilt — in America it’s called white guilt, I guess the term is applicable here too — has recently prevented us from exercising rational thought when it comes to a previously oppressed people. You can see that any time anybody tries to say anything about bad behaviour by a well identified group of people.

Rotherham. 1200 girls systematically raped by muslims. Systematically. Continually. For years.

All the while, because it wasn’t PC to say things like “the muslim community has a serious problem with sex offenders and violence”, let alone dare to speak up about oppression of not only their own women but men, women and children of other ethnic/religious groups, with the tacit approval of the police force and government who looked the other way.

This. This is what I’m afraid of. This specific colour-blindness that allowed the childhoods of thousands of children be ruined.

Send the message “GET OUT OF EUROPE”, and then we can send the message “GET OUT OF THIS COUNTRY IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE IN ITS VALUES”.

It is not racist to not want children to get raped, is it?

It’s not racist to not want women to be oppressed, is it?

It’s not racist to want freedom of expression, is it?

It’s not racist to want democracy, where everybody is treated equally, is it?

It’s not racist to want a government run by elected officials who fulfil secular laws made by rational people designed with fairness and secular values in mind, is it?

What do you think?



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