If it matters, I expect the UK to stay in by a thin margin – much less than 10%. Polls appear to be swinging between 48% and 52% each way, but I do fully expect the remain camp to have the day (though by a few percent at most).

If that nutter hadn’t murdered that MP things might have been different, not that I’m insinuating there’s any sort of conspiracy there – such a hot-button issue brings out the loonies every time.

So, what can we expect?

Well, for starters you can expect the EU army and EU constitution to rear their ugly heads again, and for the hat-trick you can expect article 50 to go the way of the dodo as quick as possible. I give it a year for all three, max, before everyone in Europe is living in a federal superstate as members of a powerless, undemocratic province. I wish I were kidding about that bit. Oh, and be prepared to hum some sort of abysmal european union supranational anthem based around ode to joy whilst you pretend to be patriotic about your new masters.

After that, I also expect the EU to start hammering on the immigration walls again, despite the damage being done by an ethnic/religious group that absolutely refuse to integrate and have turned Sweden into the rape capitol of Europe, have created no-go zones in France and Germany and have turned Belgium into a hellhole that supplies Daesh with brainwashed fighters.

I also fully expect that before five years are up, Europe will be expecting every country in the EU to be using the euro. Assuming we’re not buried under islamic militants and still have some existence as a nation, don’t expect the euro to come in the front door. It’ll be sneaked in the back door. Probably via laws that demand that all member countries accept the euro as legal tender, laws that Britain will be completely unable to refuse.

This isn’t the end; with such a powerful exit message (even if ultimately too little to affect the desired result) discontent with the current status quo can’t be entirely ignored, and there could be reforms. We could start to see governments becoming more and more right wing as the constituent people get more and more fed up with the lies being fed from the astonishingly increasingly regressively leftist governments we have here.

I myself counted myself as leftist leaning, but with how far left and authoritarian our big brother governments have become, I find myself leaning towards the right and libertarian values. Which is awful, because libertarians are to a one absolutely bug fucking nuts. This isn’t ignorant name-calling either, this is my measured opinion after listening to a few speak. They have a few really good ideas, and then just go off the fucking wall, like insist that we should more or less shut down the government and remove health, safety, education, environmental and finance ministries and taxes.

Anyway, good night, and good luck. You’ll need it.


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