I know, I covered this, but it’s important. It’s very, very important, so to give you more ammo if you’re on the fence, I thought I’d link this video. It’s a long one, but you can put it on during your commute to work, just put the phone down if you’re driving, hook up the audio to the car’s speakers or whatever, and give it a listen. It should also make interesting listening to those outside the EU who have no idea what the palaver is about.

It features two very intelligent people that I both greatly admire on opposite sides of this historic issue going at it over whether the UK is better off inside or outside the EU.

Personally, I think the structure of the EU as it currently stands is anathema to anybody who believes in Democracy. I also understand that the EU is purposefully designed to be inept, gargantuan and incapable of doing anything. It’s built to have boring people write mundane laws that bring a fractious and disparate continent slowly together… but the way it’s federalizing Europe is entirely deliberate, and the way it intends to gather an army to put down revolt and a constitution to give it teeth and remove obstacles to enforcing laws always was in the plan. The endpoint has always been the united states of Europe, with the countries within it merely provinces, and the reigns of government firmly outside of the grasp of the people.

The question of whether having national identities and borders wiped away in the face of unchecked immigration from parts of the world that literally want to see our way of life ended, enabled by a suicidal governing class in countries like Germany and Sweden over long-held guilt thanks to their actions during World War II, is worth it for the benefits of staying inside an admittedly powerful trading bloc.

It comes down to whether you believe the UK is capable of reforming its own massively inept government to take advantage of stepping outside the also-admittedly stumbling economy which is designed to have the poor bolstered by the rich with the result that only the poor countries with nothing to give are growing off of the backs of those with strong economies.

If you think the UK will be punished – despite the size of our economy, and how important it currently is to the EU – then you also have to ask yourself whether that pain is worth it for sovereignty in a world where that is increasingly useless, or whether it’s better to be inside that out, where change might (despite the fact that change would be more likely actioned through violence as the system is deliberately designed that the unwashed hoi polloi have absolutely no direct ability to do so) be possible, in a world where such trading blocs are also increasingly obsolete thanks to the internet and globalization.

It’s a hard decision. My feeling is that the UK will stay in, and that even a tiny victory will be taken as a mandate by the triumphant ruling class. My feeling is also that a vote to leave will have the government collapse with early elections called if it isn’t just outright ignored and the people asked to vote again just like Ireland was.

Either way, the EU might just end up getting some badly needed reforms thanks to increasing amounts of unrest over it’s actions. Who knows. It’s truly confusing.


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