People of Britain, please vote to leave the EU. If you don’t know why, or disagree, then please watch this video and read my words. They are absolutely true, go find out for yourself if you disbelieve.

Why should we leave Europe? Why shouldn’t we leave Europe.

In short, this is what Europe actually is:

  • It is not run by the parliament. It is not democratic. The parliament gets to vote on some laws, sure, but they are only the ones brought for consideration by an unelected cabal – the European Council.
  • The parliament cannot remove laws, nor add them. It cannot change them.
  • Well, one of the European Councils. There are many. None of them are elected.
  • It was supposed to be an economic union. It has been perverted (well returned) to a political union.
  • It seeks to remove all national sovereignty, all democracy, to replace it with those unelected cabals.
  • It wants a European army, which absolutely will be used in Europe against Europeans. Uprising in France? Well, just drag up some guys from Poland, it’s all okay because they’re European, aren’t they?
  • It wants a European Constitution. This would remove all national borders and sovereign control of laws. It removes all countries’ rights to autonomy of any sort. It replaces and supersedes all national laws with those that come from the pen of that unelected, unremoveable, undemocratic cabal in Brussels that answer to nobody
  • And worst of all, it wants to remove that pesky article 50 of the current EU charter that allows countries to leave the EU if – oh, I don’t know – it were to turn into a tinpot fascist dictatorship.

BritainPLEASE, vote to leave the EU.

In a shameful showing of its aggressive nature (as if Ireland being forced to vote twice over the same thing because the first answer wasn’t the ‘correct one’), I can’t vote to save my homeland from tyranny.

Mind not made up? Try this guy.

Even the regressively left Guardian newspaper is basically saying that every average person in the UK will be better off by about a thousand pounds a year, even in the worst-case scenario thanks to not having to bankroll all those fatcats in Europe. And that’s even if you ignore obvious wins like being able to rebuild the UK’s crushed fishing industry and the freedom to negotiate better trade deals with all of our partners which will massively bolster Britain’s already better-by-far-than Europe’s economy.

The remain camp including the treasury itself is in full spindoctor meltdown mode and is flat out lying to you. There is literally nothing to lose by leaving, and only your democratic freedoms and control over your sovereign laws and borders to lose if you stay.

Leave it whilst you can, before Europe can quite literally have boots on the ground to put down those pesky civilians when they realize they’ve been royally had by fascist scum.

And I don’t use those words lightly. I absolutely mean it. This is not hyperbole in any sense of the word – they are fascists and scum and need to be removed from the stranglehold they have over us.

Need more convincing? Well, to show you I listen to all sides of a debate, here’s a video which comes from somebody I heavily admire… and his argument is basically “better the devil you know”.

I wholeheartedly do not agree. If ‘everything I need to know’ is basically “wooo! beware the need to make new rules because it’s hard!” then I think I’d rather take my chances with democracy and an end to the pork and gravy train.

Think this doesn’t matter to me? It complicates my life greatly. The ease with which I live in my current country vanishes like a fart in the wind, and I will have to work for a solution. I will pay that price gladly, however, to know that my homeland is free.


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