Okay, so, after all that doom and gloom recently, I thought we’d better get back to the technology that I so love. Especially since it furthers my aims to have a moon-castle.

Remember that EM-drive thing that just won’t die? The impossible one that, time after time after time, just seems to keep on actually working?

Well, after the math had checked out, after the Brit that invented it built a small scale model when that wasn’t enough, after they built a larger scale model, after the Americans built an even larger scale model and even after the Chinese had a go and still found it worked (and after they tried it in a vaccuum and threw batteries of tests at it and found it still worked – all in all, just since 2012, at least nine independent tests have been carried out on it, and it’s worked every time), it became the turn of the Finns.

In a peer-reviewed paper, two Finnish scientists named Arto Annila and Erkki Kolehmainen (and one other named Patrick Grahn who is apparently in Finland, but probably isn’t Finnish judging by his name) have tried (and I would say succeeded) in explaining just why this impulse engine type device has the net thrust that it does.

They call this net thrust its “exhaust”, which I’m not sure is correct, but that there is a net force has once again been considered accurate and truthful.

Can we please get to building this thing into some sort of test-frame now?


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