Okay, so this blog is supposed to be a technology blog – so why do I care about islamists and feminists, or creationism?

Well, that’s a simple one: As technology improves, our society becomes more peaceful, more permissive, more liberal, more progressive.

This is something that very strongly needs to continue, because more peace and more freedom and more progression is definitely a good thing, in my book at least.

But then, I’m an atheist. I don’t believe in absolute right or wrong. I believe that right is what causes a net increase in happiness and wrong is what causes a net decrease. Not that I’m a hedonist, not at least in the bacchanal sense. The urbane sense, perhaps.

I believe that our laws need to be secular and rational, our freedoms the only ‘sacred’ things and our rights – and responsibilities – the most important ideals.

Technology will set us free. Dogma will enslave us. Answering ‘why does the sun get eclipsed by the moon?’ with ‘because it is the will of the creatures that live in the heavens that such happens from time to time’ never taught us anything other than a wild and fanciful bedtime story. But knowing about gravity… that not only teaches us about the world as it is now, but how the universe was long ago. It opens up vistas vaster and more rich than any ancient papyrus scroll on why cutting off parts of the penis makes you more acceptable to an invisible superbeing that, whilst it sees every sparrow fall, certainly does nothing to prevent it.

If technology sets us free, then technology – and reason – must be free to advance. Limiting technology and freedom should therefore be something taken very seriously indeed.

As I wrote about in my GMO post a couple of weeks ago, unfettered technology can be incredibly dangerous. It could destroy us all in a warmed Earth where food and clean drinking water are a thing of the past, but without technology we are just inconsequential sacks of meat on an unimportant rock revolving around a forgettable star that will, sooner or later, cease to be.

We have a brain. Not because some beard in the sky willed it. We should use it. Not because of some manifest destiny in shiny happy forever land, but because we can, and this means enabling more people to have more usage of their brain and to have to spend less time toiling in the mud.

For this to be a thing, we all need the same opportunity for that pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

Anything which halts that pursuit is, by definition, evil.

Islamists tell us that seeking wisdom of the world (science, maths, art, literature and so on) takes us away from an understanding of god. It should therefore be scorned in favour of deeper understanding of a text which is absolutely, 100% completed. There will never be another word written in the islamic faith that deepens our scientific understanding of the real world because it is anathema to that faith.

Feminism, the perverted third wave kind, tells us that we need to pay women more for the same job because men still earn more (and it ignores the fact that wages and pay are completely different things). It tells us that we live in a world dominated by men (it just declares this by fiat), so to improve equality of outcome, we should oppress one half of the population.

It says, in effect, that equality of opportunity isn’t enough. That some people deserve more than others because of what’s between their legs. Feminism, again modern third wave feminism, seeks to remove that pesky burden of innocent until proven guilty when it comes to the punishment of men, for example. Anybody who thinks that the cries to ‘automatically believe all rape reports’ is a good idea is an unmitigated fool. And anybody who thinks that hasn’t happened is a moron: just look at geek feminism, one of the first sites on google, that proudly proclaim

Innocent until proven guilty is a silencing tactic in which it is argued that any harmful action that did not result in a criminal conviction must not result in any repercussions to the person who did the action, often to the point where it is insisted that they are entitled to have everyone believe that the action did not take place at all, let alone censure them in any way for it.

Read that please, several times. They are saying that if you have been accused of a crime, you should not only be found automatically guilty, but even when you have been found not guilty in a court of law, you should still be held not innocent, and punished anyway.

This should be horrific to any sane person reading those words. The very foundation of our society is that justice is not only impartial but fair. It treats everybody equally, and seeks to do away with biased sovereign vengeance and mob rule.

Feminism as it was is over. We in the West live in a post-feminist world where equal pay became law in the 1960’s and 1970’s depending on where you live. For fifty years we’ve lived in a world where men and women are assured by law that equality of effort and equality of result leads to the equality of earnings.

So why are there companies that want to pay women more? Not just ‘better than before’ in some vague attempt to close that non-existent wage gap, but better than men.

I’ll say that again: there is a company in Britain that wants to explicitly pay women more than men because they have a vagina.

This is actually breaking the law. They are breaking the law. This is a crime. This is the worst kind of regressive sex-based oppression and people should be fined and quite probably put in prison for it.

It’s regressive is what it is. It’s ideology run rampant. See, every time you take a world like ‘justice’ and add something in front of it (like ‘social justice’), you pervert that word from it’s true meaning. Justice is justice. Social justice means justice for some people and not for others. And that’s not justice at all.

And all those ist’s and ism’s don’t want justice, they want their own brand of specialty justice. They want their particular beliefs to be unassailable. They want to underscore the world and say that’s it, no further.

This is inherently anti-progressive. It is, in fact, regressive. It is evil, and in as much as I don’t believe in absolute good or evil, I can confidently say it is evil, and should be fought at any cost.



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