I know nobody reads this blog. In terms of the numbers, it is a non-entity. But one day, somebody I care about (or somebody who holds some power over me and may seek to punish me for imagined crimes) may find this. And on that day, I don’t want to start out by being misunderstood.

So let me put this simply: I do not hate muslims. I am not an ‘islamophobe’. I don’t irrationally hate people I have never met. I don’t have wet dreams about some nuclear winter in the Middle East. I don’t even particularly oppose immigration. I, myself, am an immigrant. I want nothing more than everybody, everywhere, to get on. I want everyone, everywhere, to settle disputes and differences by talking, not by fighting. I have had (and probably still have, religion is not brought up at work because it has no place there) muslim co-workers. I don’t want them to die, I don’t want them to disappear. I don’t want them to renounce their faith. What I want is for them to acknowledge that their freedom to agree or disagree with my life choices (whatever their agreements or disagreements may be) has zero impact on those choices of mine. Or, indeed, on anyone else in this country. And, one day hopefully, any country.

I am putting out there the truth of my position, and anybody who would have issues with what I say should absolutely, totally, listen to what it is I’m saying, and not just imagine what I’m saying. If you are scared of words, you are a coward and a fool, because that means you don’t understand your own standpoint, and don’t understand why you believe what you believe.

So, if I’m not this half-imagined monster, foaming at the mouth about killin’ them sand-coons or whatever slur this imagined person I’m dreaming up hates me for, what am I?

Well, I’m a liberal, permissive, small-government progressive. I believe in liberty, justice and the pursuit of happiness. And this is why I oppose unfettered immigration from islamic countries. Not because all muslims believe in violent jihad, but because all muslims believe in jihad. They all, if they are at all fundamentalist (and fundamentalist does not mean radical), believe in the ‘rightness’ of shariah law and also that shariah law should prevail as the only system of government in the world.

The thing is, people, that shariah law sees women as inferior, being gay as a vile sin punishable by death, slavery as permissible and all non-muslims as either converts, enemies of the faith (who should be put to death) or taxable chattel. Anybody who thinks shariah law has any place in the West does not belong in the West.

Over the last century, the West has come to the conclusion that it did some bad things in getting where it has. That it is still doing bad things. This is true. What is also true, however, is that Western culture is superior. It is vastly superior.

Women and men have equal rights, gays can (mostly, it’s improving still) not only marry but enjoy that same life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as straight people. They can even get married. Any job is open to any person. Healthcare is, generally (America is that one dark spot here) available to everybody. We don’t cut off hands, we don’t cut off heads. We don’t throw people off buildings, hang them or throw stones at them until they bleed to death from agonizing injuries. We can say what we want (I’m proving it here, albeit it I am worried because of cowardly cultural relativists), do what we want – within reason – and we enjoy longer, safer, healthier, happier lives than anywhere else on the planet.

We as a people over many years and in many battles fought for those freedoms, those inalienable rights. We have, as a people, developed that technology and created those systems of healthcare, education and other public and private works to raise us up to a level of comfort that the mightiest king or emperor in ancient times could only dream about.

So no, I’m not saying we should hate anybody from anywhere else. I am saying we should explicitly not allow anybody in who does not feel the same way about our values and our culture, and who tries to replace our culture with one which is blatantly backwards, barbaric, regressive, oppressive and – quite simply – inferior.

If they want to join us, they should need to acknowledge this fact. Moving to the West from anywhere else on the planet must be accompanied by an understanding of what our culture is, what it demands and what it requires. And every time this does not happen, our culture is weakened and our way of life is weakened.

This is why I’m actually against the EU – because it replaces democracy with sovereign rule, and it appears that it was supposed to do that from the beginning.

The gunman in Orlando was, by all emerging accounts, a gay muslim. His self-hatred and fundamentalist faith (his reasoned, normal islamic faith) led him not only to self-hatred but to murder in the name of that faith. He wasn’t abnormal at all, not in that regard. He wasn’t poisoned by some scraggly bearded, wild-eyed crazy imam. He was poisoned by his own faith that taught him to hate gay people and to see them as animals to be slaughtered. It was 100% something to do with his culture as the son of Afghan immigrants and as a muslim.

When I was a child, I was brought up to see all the terrible things our culture has done as shameful. They are, don’t get me wrong, but we weren’t taught enough of how to be proud of our accomplishments. We’ve been brow-beaten into hating ourselves, and the result is a lax policy which actively seeks to silence dissenting voices suggesting that just perhaps we are better, culturally speaking, than anywhere else on the planet. Rotherham. Germany. Sweden. These are canaries in the coal mine. I’m not talking about some counter-jihad, all I am asking is that our rules set up to protect the public from dangerous behaviour be applied fairly.

The only dangerous thought is that there can be no dangerous thoughts, that everyone everywhere believes just as goodly and admires the same freedoms we take for granted as things to be protected.

They don’t. We must.


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