Yesterday I started writing a piece about feminism. And then Orlando happened.

At first, I thought it was just another Sunday in America. That in itself is bad enough, but then I started hearing rumours that it was a terrorist attack – meaning it was a muslim. I didn’t want to jump the gun. I asked for proof.

Well, it looks like that proof came. The muslim gunman phoned 911 and professed he was about to murder innocent people in the name of and directly because of his religion and in support of DAESH. You might better know them as the legitimacy-giving ISIS.

I’m fully expecting a good deal of people rolled their eyes at the title and refused to even read this ‘right wing screed’ (or some such moniker that absolves them of the need to engage their brains), but I can’t quite let it go that once again, ‘the religion of peace’ has caused a massacre.

And the only thing stopping it from happening in the UK and Europe in general are the tighter gun laws.

Yes, you read that right, I am saying that if we’d allow guns in Europe the same way America does, we’d be dealing with muslims shooting up nightclubs, schools, movie theatres, restaurants and music events.

But that could never happen, could it? It’s not like muslims and islam could ever do something so heinous as to bomb innocent people in, for example, an airport just waiting to get on a plane, could they? I mean, I know we’ve been fed line after line about how islamic extremists twice tried to bomb the world trade centre in america, so surely all that can be done is being done, right?

I mean, it couldn’t possibly be that muslim kiddy fiddling rape gangs are operating freely and openly in the UK because the police are paralyzed by the regressively leftist-leaning, cowardly and incompetent government, could it? It couldn’t possibly be that victims of attempted rape by muslims in France are being sidelined and ignored, could it? It couldn’t be that rapes by muslims could keep on happening all across Europe time and time again could it?

Surely not. Surely we wouldn’t allow that sort of thing to happen? Surely we wouldn’t internalize their disgusting behaviour and self-censor rape reporting because we feared being called racist and have swallowed whole the idea we should kowtow to thugs?

I mean, it’s not as if our bastions of free speech, the BBC could just ignore something like rape in persuit of a feel-good story about muslim immigrants, is it?

I don’t hate muslims, I really don’t, but I do fear islam. I justifiably fear islam. And more than that, I fear a cowardly government too busy sucking the dick teat of Saudi Arabia for the oil and money they have, too busy trying to cover up open violence and hatred of all the values we hold dear and sacred to actively do their job.

I believed the lies about Britain First and the EDL, that they were nothing more than violent, racist thugs. I sat happily in my middle class, safe white neighbourhood, far away from the backwards, barbaric sharia courts and roving bands of thuggish morality police and had no understanding at all of how we were being sold out.

Now I don’t. Not when the government of the UK has sold out its people to an unelected cabal.

Exit Europe, close the borders to indiscriminate immigration and seek to uphold the secular and rational laws of the united kingdom. And for goodness’ sake throw out the violent muslims before we have our own Orlando. Again. Yet again.


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