So it’s late, like stupid late. I should be in bed late, but then I read how one Sarah Sharp has called it quits from being a linux dev, citing the “toxic work environment”.

People, when are we going to learn to avoid toxic people with their toxic agendas?

Thank goodness the kernel developers saw sense and didn’t put up with her.

Read on to find out more.

Basically, Sarah Sharp is a classic SJW crybaby. I don’t say that lightly – bullying online is just plain awful. It makes you feel powerless and leaves a hurt that won’t go away ever, it makes you paranoid as you fear those people may be watching, waiting to jump on any and every post you make online, in any forum… but that doesn’t change the fact that Sarah Sharp is a toxic individual.

She is, of course, a woman. And she wants to paint a picture of being a strong, independent woman who wants nothing more than to be “one of the guys”.

But then… no, she doesn’t actually want that. What she wants is to impose her own values and behaviours onto a pre-existing environment and make everyone else act in such a way as her delicate feelings aren’t triggered.

Oh, how I hate the word triggered. It used to be such a useful watchword for when truly disturbing things are ahead, like rape. Now, you can “rape” somebody if you look at them funny. Now, you can “rape” somebody if you ask them if they’d like a cup of coffee. Now, apparently, you can have consensual sex and then, after the fact, that consent can be withdrawn post-coitus, retroactively.

If you read Sarah’s blog here, you’ll get the impression she, personally, was attacked for… well, one can only assume somebody called her a fucking idiot or something similar, using harsh, mansplaining words.

In actual fact, she is the one who jumped into an entirely friendly discussion between several other people, and dropped the f-bomb because her feelings were hurt and she thought she knew better how people should communicate.

Here’s the link.

She doesn’t. She is toxic. She demanded respect rather than earned it, and when she didn’t get her way, she threw her toys out the pram and had a tantrum. Friends, don’t let SJW’s have their abhorrent agenda of stealing useful, real, powerful, important words, and tarting them up for use with pathetic, disgusting non-occurences.


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