This will be short, I promise.

The only point that really needs to be made is that gamergate was started when a game designer called Zoe Quinn allegedly had sex with Kotaku staff member Nathan Grayson, and used this association to get her game good reviews.

The hashtag is actually about ethics in journalism, but tumblr SJW’s decided to smother the real issue of sexual favours for positive reviews with cries of sexism and misogyny.

What is true is that there are a large number of trolls fanning the flames, but what is also true is that this has been ruthlessly exploited for monetary gain and personal fame by several of the key female figures (Brin, Quinn, Sarkesian and others) whilst rather successfully squashing the actual issue under the tirades of real misogynist assholes and third-wave feminists, both taking advantage of the situation for lulz and cash.

Thing is, we exist in a post-feminist world (for the most part). That does not mean that sexism doesn’t happen, it just means that the majority know, understand and accept that sexism is not acceptable.

In acting like this is not true, by calling every undesirable outcome of every minor affront “rape”, by claiming there is some mystical patriarchy more pervasive than any wet dream of some impossible illuminati, third wave feminists are propagating the myth and the meme that women are somehow weaker, dumber, less capable and less worthy people than men.

This is bullshit, and they would all be doing all females, and males, everywhere, a service by knocking it off, growing up and stopping with the crying wolf.

In the case of gamergate, the assholes being sexist, aggressive and infantile are clearly in the wrong, and are doing so because they are assholes, not because they are condoned by the penis-wielding elite.


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