Some war movies are hard-hitting factual exposes of tragedy, others are fast-paced and action-packed revelings of mega-violence.


And then there are movies like “american sniper”, which I can only describe as offensive in every way possible and comparable to holocaust denialism than factual reporting.

This movie is quite possibly one of the single most offensive things I have ever seen. It doesn’t only glorify violence, but it absolves the habitual perpetrators of needless violence and fuckups galore of all responsibility whilst it’s doing it.

If you’ve seen the movie “saving private ryan”, which is not only quite honest in where so-called good people do terrible things but also honest in how these bad things were bad, then you’ll maybe understand where I say that all of the terrible, awful, violent, homicidal, psychotic and evil things (not to mention the humongous fuckups that cost innocent people lives) that happen in sniper are all presented not only as par for the course, but of no real consequence whatsoever.

By all factual accounts, the “hero” (I threw up in my mouth a little using that word to describe this person) of this movie is not only a massive tool but also a first class bullshit artist. In the movie at least, I can say that he pulls off stunts which should by all accounts have got his ass court-martialled so fast he would’ve broken the sound barrier, like when he simply decides he’s had enough of taking potshots at kids and abandons his post to “roll with the marines”. Just because his brass balls explode with patriotic semen if he isn’t doing something heroic ALL THE TIME HOOYAH SEMPER FI.

There is absolutely nothing redeemable about this movie. Never, ever, waste your time watching it.


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