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To be honest, I’ll start with the biggest reason it’s bullshit: I have no idea whether pro- or anti- #gamergate is the right side to be on.

One side is full of tumblr sjw’s out to prove that anything with a penis is oppressing anything without just by existing, and the other side is full of hate-spewing retards who seem to believe rape threats are a valued form of self-expression.

And what’s worse, I have no idea which side is which.

All I know is, it’s shitting all over my enjoyment of gaming and I want it to go away. Not because equality isn’t relevant, but because #gamergate is not about equality, it’s about bullshit.

I’ll start with a very short history of the whole debacle: it started with hatedoxing by an ex-boyfriend regarding the alleged infidelity of indie game developer Zoe Quinn. That sort of behaviour is bullshit for starters:

  • you do not drag your dirty laundry onto the internet
  • you do not drag your dirty laundry onto the internet
  • you do not, even if it is true and especially if it is not, drag your dirty laundry onto the internet.

I don’t really care if she was sleeping around or not, and I don’t really care if she was using sexual favours to get her game better reviews. It’s sleazy shit to be doing, but it’s also sleazy shit that’s only fit for tabloid wank-rags to share around.

It should have stayed ignored, but apparently, however, there are a good number of people (I am assuming they’re male, but I could be wrong, and false flag shenanigans isn’t below the depths sjw’s will sink to) who seem to believe that communicating in rape threats and misogynistic attacks is how things are done in the civilized world, and of course the tumblr social justice warriors got involved and the whole flying circus got a hashtag. #gamergate was born, and it snowballed into a shit-spewing cesspool that just keeps on dumping all over gaming in general.

And because now the tumblr SJW’s are involved, they’ve adopted the portrayal of women in videogames as their cause du jeur, and won’t shut the fuck up.

The worst offender in this arena is Anita Sarkeesian, who managed to bilk her gullible followers for about $160,000 dollars to produce a university level course set about feminism in gaming.

Her contributions so far have been five piss-poor videos over the course of 2 years, which are almost entirely lies and yellow journalism, and very little else. I hope those who donated are feeling really happy for themselves, because I don’t see much of a return in investment at $30,000 a video. And none of it is even educational, let alone university level.

Again, despite her videos being shit, despite the incredible amount of money raised to create said shit, she doesn’t deserve rape threats.

Let me say that again

  • you do not threaten people with rape over the internet
  • you do not threaten people with rape over the internet
  • you do not, and I want to emphasize this, threaten to rape people over the internet

I’m all for off-colour jokes. They’re tasteless and they make you cringe, but that’s because you know they’re wrong. The old “my dishwasher broke down so I slapped her and told her to get on with it” joke is only “funny” if you completely understand that women aren’t property and that slapping them is wrong. I shouldn’t have to explain this, because it ruins the joke.

But then again… if you receive death threats, you do not publicize those threats. You do not make a song and dance about death threats because acting in such a flagrantly knee-jerk manner serves only one person, the one making the threats, and it means you are hence-forth unable to separate real threats from just noise.

Why, then, did Anita publicize such threats and then disregard professional analysts who concluded that such threats were entirely false and entirely not credible?

Oh, of course, you can jump up and down and scream until you’re blue in the face about “it only takes that one time”, but that’s where tumblr feminism and “strong independent womyn” utterly fail.

Rosa Parks didn’t fucking back down. She sat in that seat. She got arrested.

The suffragettes who actually started the whole thing didn’t back down when they were beaten, arrested, imprisoned, force-fed and abused.

I could go on and on, adding new instances where people – male and female – both stood up for what they believed in, and in many cases were abused both physically and mentally, and in some cases killed. One of the most poignant is Malala Yousafzai, a young girl who had the audacity want an education, and for her dastardly crime of not wanting to be ignorant, she got shot in the fucking head. And she survived.

So next time you stand up and say “but all it takes is that one time”, then you just sit right back down and think about the bravery of a twelve year old girl and you shut the fuck up unless you’re willing to put the same amount of effort into whatever your current peccadillo is, okay?

Not one of the people saying how “the patriarchy” has ruined the world has the balls (heh) to actually put their money where their mouth is. Not one of them is a feminist version of Martin Luther King.

And until there is, their cause is as weak as their rhetoric, because right now, the assholes using death and rape threats to silence one side are being met by the assholes using outright censorship to silence the other.

Yes, that’s right, because apparently having an open discussion about ethical behaviour isn’t allowed when it comes to feminism, because stop oppressing me you patriarchy patriarchy patriarchy, amirite?

All I know is, they all suck.


When I played pokemon way back when, it asked if I wanted to be a boy or a girl. I think I chose boy, but I’m sure there are a few who chose a different game gender. I know I have female toons on World of Warcraft, and the game would look really, really weird without them.

I do know that feminists are up in arms about tomb raider (ignoring how she’s a really good example of a strong independent woman) because Lara Croft has boobies. And yet none of them give a shit about he-man and his impossible displays of masculinity… (and rampantly camp alter-ego, but I digress).

It’s this sort of bullshit, weird double standard that really gets my goat, because Sheik the character is amazing, and yet when she turns back into Zelda in any zelda game she appears in, zelda is a milquetoast sop, and I want to know why? Why can’t Zelda be as amazing as Sheik? Why can’t more movies with female leads be more like Frozen and less like Sleeping Beauty? Why can’t more games?

It seems that those with penis envy issues and those scared of cooties are both determined to fuck up my gaming enjoyment and, as I said right at the beginning,  I want them all to stop fucking it up for me.

Am I really so strange a person that I’m the only one finding it all rather tiresome, vapid and pathetic?

#gamergate is not about the way females are portrayed in games, it’s just a sounding board for a lot of butthurt social justice warriors blowharding about imagined issues instead of real ones – because the real ones that are left are so few and far between, and requires actual steel and backbone to deal with.

The following issues are real ones:

  • Why the hell don’t games creators give us more amazing characters like Samus, Lara and Chun Li?
  • Why do we have to listen to lies about how Hitman gives you points for “desecrating women” when it flat out not only doesn’t, but penalizes you?
  • Why do we have to always rescue a princess and never a prince?

None of them are anything #gamergate will actually address, because #gamergate is bullshit. There won’t be a game to upturn the norms, because none of the participants actually care about the issue, not because “the patriarchy” won’t let it get created.


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