Never let it be said that bigots, fundies and the morally bankrupt are ones to let it lie.

Way back when the good old god-fearing South was finally forced to tear down their wall of separation between Black and White (though to be fair, racial segregation wasn’t entirely a Southern thing, and is a stain upon the Northern United States too), there was a lot of push-back. A lot.

The blockade by the National Guard in question of a school (to save it from the vapours as 9 children attempted to get an education) got so bad, that the president forcibly federalized the guard to force it to actually comply with the law.

Now, almost half a century after the last of the miscegenation laws were repealed, most people agree that black and white people (along with brown, yellow, red and green) each deserve dignity and respect in equal and identical manner (none of this insulting ‘separate but equal’ nonsense). Most people agree (recent occurrences notwithstanding – and I know I’m linking to Wikipedia here which doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the content, but the whole issue is murky enough that this acknowledgement has far outlived it’s usefulness already – ED) that there is no moral basis for preventing two people who love each other very much from getting married.

Right? Right?


Leave it to Florida to drag everybody back to the good old days of torch-and-pitchfork lynch mobs.

That’s right – in an effort to protect the good upstanding, god-fearing straight people from catching ‘teh ghey’ and suffering eternal faggoty cooties, at least 14 Florida courthouses have decided to just stop handling civil unions altogether.

Don’t want to get married in a church? Fuck you, you’re out of luck. Can’t get married in a church? Fuck you even more you pansy ass queer. Etc, etc, et-fucking-disgusting-behaviour-cetera.


Never mind that ‘normal’ marriages are so often a joke, with drive-through “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” chapels being one of the most egregious punchlines, never mind that gay couples (and I don’t really see a point in labeling lesbian separately, but whatever) continue to suffer from unequal treatment regarding tax breaks, visitation rights, policy perks and so on, it seems the Religious Wrong are determined to stay in the puritanical, backwards 1800’s and will continue to resist all change by kicking, screaming, digging their heels in and pulling every dirty trick in the book.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

I think that this latest pathetic attempt at a sexual orientation apartheid is as morally bankrupt as similar laws were 50 years ago and I firmly intend to mock and deride such behaviour at every opportunity. Never let this sort of thing go unchecked, stay hidden or be forgotten.

I’ll cover the six passages (out of the whole of the bible, including NT and OT) that possibly cover homosexuality another time, and I’ll show clearly why people leaning on it to prop up their homophobic beliefs are wrong.


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