twelve hundred years ago, the islamic world was the center of enlightenment. It was a powerhouse of math, art, science and culture. And then rot set in, and it fell hard and fast. It’s never really recovered, which has meant that the middle east has been taken advantage of by those with much more knowledge and power ever since.

This isn’t to say most muslims are barbarians, as they really aren’t. By far, the majority of the 1.6 billion muslims in the world are normal, loving, caring, hardworking and friendly people. They’re pretty much exactly the same as every other person anywhere; they want to live life and experience the world and share in its bounty.

There’s just one problem: their religion. The brutal, violent, often state-sponsored, extremist version of their religion in particular, and right now the face of that extremist religion is ISIS.

When Al Qaeda was decapitated, its ability to attract mindshare diminished. It’s not gone – far from it – but a new bunch of thuggish, brutal extremists have taken its place. These people want to turn back the clock on science, literature, art, human rights and, in fact, our whole socioeconomic system. They quite literally want to return the world to a dark age, run by the religious extremist elite.

There’s just one problem: that’s not how it’s going to work.

For the last few centuries – ignoring the similar brutality of the manifest destiny nature of Western Civilization of that time (which wasn’t much better than some middle eastern hell-holes right now) – The West has been somewhere where people of all nations, colours and creeds could get along.

We’ve had our issues, sure, and still do (and will continue to, for a while yet), but right now and in general, nobody cares where you grew up or what you do in private.

However, they do care about what you do in public. And if you form sharia grooming gangs, or morality police, or pedophiliac rape gangs, or go around murdering innocent people in the name of your twisted, evil perversion of modern islam (and let’s not get into how violent, brutal and savage all abrahamic religions are at their core today), then you’ll get noticed.

And everybody suffers.


Not just the guilty muslims, not just the innocent muslims, but everyone, because you’ll wake the sleeping dragon.

The history of Europe is one of violent struggle against islam, which was just as violent in return. After The West won – and it did win, as evidenced by the indomitable power and might of western civilization in atomic power, gps, splitting the atom and more – it got complacent. Sure, it exercised its power unwisely (arguably causing a good deal of the problems we’re now dealing with), but on the whole, it was benign.

And now that’s changed.

I’m not talking about the government action which will see ISIS targets eliminated – that’s par for the course – I’m talking about the hearts and minds of the public. In this case, I’m specifically talking about Britain, and Britain First. It’s arguably not stormfront, which is built on bigotry and racism, and that makes it all the more attractive to people who have had enough with the sort of disgusting behavior which has, for some reason, gone uncorrected by Western governments (Britain’s included).

Intolerance is rearing its ugly head. Right now, they are gaining power. Right now, they are seen as righteous and pure. And right now, that’s arguably the case… but I fear where it will lead, because nothing good comes of the sort of stance which the evils of extremist islam has brought to the fore.

I fear where it will lead because ISIS truly has woken the sleeping dragon in the hearts and minds of ordinary people in the UK, and as I’ve already said elsewhere, the West has all the toys. In any direct war, the West is unbeatable. We have all the heavy weaponry, the best trained soldiers, the most powerful bombs, the most complete control of battlefield communications… just look how long Afghanistan lasted against the American forces. The fact they didn’t hold it is besides the point. The last time Britain got seriously involved in protecting its own assets militarily was the Falklands, and the enemy was crushed there in relatively short and total order.

It’s not that the West will win, it’s where we’ll go before it happens, and where we’ll be afterwards.


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