Sometimes, just sometimes, something happens and you just… really want to scream. You want to clench your teeth together and go AUUGGHHH! at the stupidity of it.

Take the movie “Superman vs. The Elite”.

It’s a relatively well-written tale for the most part; plenty of action, informative banter, interesting and deep characters… but there’s a problem with the movie version. A really big problem.

See, not to spoil it for you (and if I am, stop right here and go watch it on Netflix, then come back, I’ll wait – ED) but the moral of the story is that you shouldn’t just arbitrarily do something to solve an immediate problem. Superman’s whole deal is that he doesn’t unilaterally decide to use his powers just because he can. He doesn’t act like a vigilante (in fact, the Justice League episode featuring “The Justice Lords” is a vignette about just this), he pays attention to the spirit as well as the letter of the law and lets the law – no matter how flawed – see that justice is done…

…Except that, in the end of “Superman vs. The Elite”, he doesn’t. When facing down Manchester Black, he uses his heat-vision to lobotomize Manchester and totally removes his power.

That’s right: at the end of a movie extolling the virtue of due process, of brow-beating it into the audience that you should never take the law into your own hands, Superman does just that. In one fell swoop, because whoever made the movie (or whoever edited it) bolloxed up the real ending, the moral is rendered null and void.

See, in the cartoon, Manchester Black gets a right good wallop on his head which temporarily removes his powers so that he could learn the lesson that being a vigilante is wrong, with Superman revealing this after beating him.

They wasted a movie, and that makes me angry.

And then, there are people who miss the point. Like the president of McDonalds, and apparently everyone sitting at that lusciously-appointed party.

Instead of listening to the woman, and even maybe doing something about the problem, they arrested her, because, you know, you can’t be having uppity serfs interrupting the Lord of the Land, amirite?


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