the end is nigh

You might well laugh, after all, we had a spate of “the Mayans said the world will end!” last year and look what didn’t happen… but it’s not that simple.

If you’re familiar with the literature, there is a tendency for unwell people to trudge up and down city streets, barking at passers by and proclaiming that the world is going to end. The image you have is probably of some scraggly-bearded tramp, or demented looking ne’er-do-well jibbering as they marinate in their own bodily waste. And that image is probably pretty accurate – not to belittle those who are suffering honest-to-goodness mental problems, not to suggest that people who take very necessary pills are all homeless and incontinent because quite honestly they are not.

do want to make that clear. Mental illness happens, and it sucks, and it needs to be dealt with. When it isn’t, then we get to see the unwell roaming the streets and we’re not surprised when they hurt themselves or other people. The problem is when it isn’t recognized.

And it isn’t recognized when it looks like this:

I want to be clear on my stance here: this is mental illness. This is the mentally sick who desperately need help. They need to be taken to somewhere safe where they won’t hurt themselves or other people and helped to get well. I’m not speaking euphemisms for locking them up in padded cells, I honestly mean that they need help.

They should not – I repeat that, should not – be allowed to be in the senate or in any other position of power over other people. When people like this get into power, their invisible friends – their delusional voices – tell them that causing Armageddon is a good thing because it will bring back their imaginary friends.

So please, unless you think that the meltdown that is due to happen in 6 days is a good thing (which it might be, when the world after the total global financial collapse that will follow the merry-go-round breaking down finally recovers it may be better than what we have now… but that won’t be without massive pain in the short to medium and possibly long term), then let your representatives know that letting this happen does not represent you.

Quite simply, “Obamacare” as it’s being called, hasn’t been stopped by this delusional tantrum, and do you really want to stand for taking healthcare away from the people who need it most? And is destroying the world economy for it a good idea?

And in case you think capitulating to these fiscal terrorists is a grand idea, ask yourself where concessions to mental illness will take you.


EDIT: I want to stress this. The USA has 6 days left until it defaults. This would be a bad thing. For more information, you might like to read “inside the republican suicide machine“.


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  1. That video chilled me. I know there are insane people in positions of power but… to be so blatant, so open, so unconcerned about public raving like that…


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