Computer - by mullet88

“Computer” by DA user mullet88, source

Yesterday, my computer blew up.

Not literally of course, but figuratively, there was nothing left other than a smoking crater. I have a company laptop, a windows VM and a linux VM. All three exploded, and I spent about six hours after my work day should have ended recovering from the end of all things digital.

It wasn’t pretty.

Of course, I have multiple backups, so I think all my files are not only safe but now where they should be. My windows VM spent the morning repairing itself, and as of this moment in time, everything is apparently working again. The problem is, it makes me realize that we  put a lot of faith in our hardware and software, and it’s frightfully fragile.

Just how fragile is it? Well, the awesome power of Mother Nature is easily forgotten for most of us, most of the time. Occasionally though, she shows us who’s boss. Like on the 1st of September, 1859, with the Carrington Event. On that day, a massive coronal ejection occurred and it blasted our planet. Telephone equipment of the day was fried – in some cases it caught fire. If that happened today (and it’s a when, not and if), then the results would be disastrous. Our civilisation really is just one major disaster away from anarchy and destruction… and it’s only going to get worse as we go along.

Until we can control the sun, of course.


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