I started this blog some time ago at my previous workplace – it’s still there, but of all the things I could write about, I feel uncomfortable having it even accidentally attributed to my employer. I like to express my opinion, nobody else’s, and feel much freer doing it here, on my own blog.

So what is this blog going to be about? Well, it’s simple, really. Our world is living right on the crux of the next great revolution; nanotech, biotech, GAI, space industry… you name it, we’re approaching the point where what was and what is will give way, quite probably forcefully, to what will be.

What that will be, I have no idea. All of what we have could crumble to dust (especially after the 2008 global market crash – the only thing to have brought down petrol prices to pre-2007 levels, and the only thing likely to have).

But what we could have? Well, I’m talking exponentials here; the pace of change itself is accelerating, and we’ve been seeing it for the past century. Right now, right at this exact moment in time, we’re still pretty recognizable to a time-traveler from fifty years ago, or even a hundred… but in ten years, or fifteen? What will it be like? When will the next great change come? What will it be? Wearable tech? Direct brain implants? General (and strong) A.I.

Who knows? But I’m here to talk about it.


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  1. Siraj Tusoi says:

    Well… you certainly have my interest… I’ll be watching this, for sure!

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